April 13

Pat set up the new drum set at the church; unpacked the guitars; mixing board, bass amp, and stabilizer. He’s now waiting for Pastor Birtch, the worship pastor from Spokane, to set up the new sound system. He then gave drum lessons to several of the guys who picked it up easily.

We all stayed around the True Vine site visiting our friends. When we dropped in to see the triplets we found them to be coughing and appeared very sick. The mother said she hadn’t been able to nurse them and had no formula. She appeared to be weak herself and said sometimes she feels so discouraged she feels like running away. We bought formula for the babies and food for her other seven children and took her and the babies to the hospital. Two of them have pneumonia and we admitted-so all three stayed with the mother. Please keep these babies and their mother in your prayers.

Pastor Ruth and her husband had us all over to dinner last night. It was a great time with a lot of good food and MUCH conversation. When Pat and Basil (Ruth’s husband) started talking shop-Pat’s a lawyer and Basil is a judge so they had a great deal to discuss. Robert and Scott were in a corner talking non-stop while the rest of us talked and laughed the night away.

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