Our group split up on Wednesday. Some of us traveled one and one half hour to Concepcion which is on the Pacific Ocean. There we visited several Lutheran schools. We played with the children. Handed out beanie babies. Our musicians played upbeat songs while others entertained with puppets and games.

One particular Martin Luther school is in danger of closing down due to lack of funding. Please pray for this school as the children will not go to school if that happens. They have already shut down the upper level classes and the teenagers are roaming the streets all day as they have no school to attend.

It´s fun to see the team members picking up Spanish in our short time here. They are understanding much of what is being said.

The other half of our team stayed in Chillan and worked with two Catholic nuns who run the center we visited on our first day in Chillan. Robert & Gerry put outside lights up for them so they will be much safer walking around outside at night. The team also bought supplies for a couple of wood projects. The women will sell their crafts in September & December at craft fairs. The “booths” have to be made according to certain specs and have to be something that will be portable. Roger whom we always call “Nicole´s boyfriend” (really he´s her husband) was so handy with the power saw that his new nickname is now “BUZZ”.

You may notice several new nicknames among your friends. Like Janet whose name is really Sharon. It´s a long story but know that we are all getting along so well and are enjoying one another’s company. that isn´t always easy with 35 people!

You must be praying!

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