The Fellowship group and Robert went to Pastor Peter’s church where both Pastors Eric and Brad preached. Fellowship is sponsoring the building of a new church.

The rest of us attended True Vine’s main church where Pastor Bill spoke.

At both churches we spent time with our friends taking last minute pictures, and getting hugs from people we won’t see tomorrow.

Pastors Joshua and Iliana met their daughter. She’s from Kenya and when True Vine found her she was naked and had no one to care for her. She took the representative to the bush and showed her twelve graves-her parents, grandparents and all other relatives who had succumbed to AIDS. She ate by offering to carry water and doing chores for people in exchange for a little food. At night she slept outside beneath the thatched overhang of someone’s roof. In order to take her picture to register her for the orphan program they had to borrow a dress. A woman from True Vine has offered to take her in but first they have to take her back to Kenya to get permission from the tribal chief. Please be praying for this little girl. Sadly her story is not unique.

As we loaded the bus to return to the hotel Pastor Wilber boarded and told us “the container has arrived!” We cheered and returned to the hotel to change clothes and eat so we could get that container unloaded! It was like Christmas! The wheel barrows, the ladders, and coils of wire and electrical supplies thrilled Darrin and Robert. We were all excited to see new machines and tons of hospital supplies! Michele couldn’t wait to try out the beautiful new dental chair. There was an air of festivity as we carried and sorted and oooh and aaaahed. The Ugandans were right there with us in our joy. It was dark when we finished but what a relief to know it is all sorted and secure before we leave on Tuesday!

Tomorrow we will finish up projects, say goodbye and pack up to leave Tuesday. We’re all looking forward to some pumpkin pie and pizza!

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