It seems the longer we are here the busier we become! The site was loaded with activity today.

Brad and Michele were the dentists today and had some difficult extractions. They are doing an awesome job with their limited tools and equipment. Chris held the flashlight for them as they worked.

Laura and Brie headed up the tie dying for the new orphans. We were expecting 160 new orphans! Dina was one of the team who helped. She said her highlight was when they put the color on the white t shirt and watching their eyes light up. They explained the meaning of the colors as they dipped the shirts. ie. red represents the blood of Christ which was shed for you. . . She enjoyed the one on one time with the kids because usually you relate to them in groups but this task was a one to one so that was really special for those helping. Angie was the runner and would go get water or whatever else they needed.

Cooper worked in the dental and painted outside. He then helped with tie dying and ended up at the women’s ministry store to string beads.

Donna helped Elizabeth as she registered and photographed the new orphans.

Pastor Ken painted and helped pack food. Then he walked for an hour uphill to preach at Segombe’s church. He was almost to the top and a woman came running down to meet him. He was a little nervous that she was going to collide and knock him back down the hill but she stopped in time to hug and welcome him. Afterward she gifted him with a live chicken.

Debi and Wendy were teaching Pastor Jane a few American terms like “goof ball”! Jane was so proud of herself when she walked up to Tom and said, “golf ball!” Tom said that is one thing he hasn’t been called.

Toward the end of the day some of us were relaxing outside the women’s store. The women decided to treat us with singing and dancing. Brad video taped them and then played it back. They were laughing and giving out calls of jubilation. Then they really started performing!! Brad entertained them with a little dance which really got them going.

It was a great day.
Thanks for watching and praying.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi Dina and Christine, I thought I would check in to see how you guys are doing, it sounds like your days have been very full, I can’t wait to hear about your experience when you get back. I just wanted to say Hi, and I’m thinking about you both, best wishes and see you both soon. Love, Suzie F.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Auntie Chris, just got thru the pics. you look great and so happy to be there. so proud of you. brooke wants to know if we can go next year! i said she can go with u.:) miss you and praying for u and God is smiling on u and your efforts! Danielle

  3. Tiffani Malner says:

    [for Wendi Velasco from daughter Tiffani in Uganda]

    just wanted to say hi and LOVEEEE YOUUU and miss you bunches cant wait to come home and seee you!



  4. Anonymous says:

    (11-19-2006 Webnote to Granddaughter Tiffani Malner from Frank & Bev O’Byrne)

    Love you and miss you! Hurry home. We saved all of the trip web pictures of you and Donn in the higher resolution. Take care…

    Grampa & Grammie

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