Today was a busy day for everybody. The guys were busy wiring and troubleshooting.
It’s not easy when they are working in a little room and guys crowd in with them to watch. Whenever they have to walk to another area kids are grabbing them and wanting to walk with them. They are accomplishing some good work though. Last night a guy who is working with them brought parts in to the restaurant. We totally lost Darrin and Robert as they examined the parts discussing them like they were real treasures. They couldn’t wait till morning!

Elizabeth spent much of the day buying food for us to hand out to 720 orphans next Saturday. She also went to see a house being built for Joseph, one of our orphans. While in the field she was so surprised to see nurses from our clinic treating people in the bush. When she remarked about it to the orphan staff one replied: “Oh yes. They do outreaches all the time.”

The grounds people are diligently sprucing up the compound. Choirs are practicing; fliers are being distributed and buildings are being painted. Everyone is looking forward with much anticipation to the celebration of the dedication of the hospital on the 18th.
Tomorrow evening the rest of the team should be here and women’s ministry is occupied with making baskets, necklaces, anklets and other craft items to sell to team members.

I explained chargers (Plates underneath dinner plates) to the women and one of the basket weavers, Grace decided to make some for me. You can see her in the photo holding up three. She is going to make six! As the women work they tell stories. They heard that I have been collecting stories of the women of Uganda and each has one to tell and is anxious for me to interview them. When I hear of the suffering each one has had to endure it really makes me wonder. I’ve heard stories of rape, witchcraft, attempted murder, murder, unbelievable abuse, abandonment, and on and on. Yet, each woman says, “When I accepted the Lord life is so much better.” They still endure the same problems but they now have Hope.

When I see the children and how they are expected to work almost as soon as they can walk it still amazes me. The other day I was walking and I came across a tiny boy around two years old out all alone collecting fire wood. I sat with a little girl with a baby strapped to her back. She’s four and her brother is one!

I thought of something Pastor Ruth told me when I interviewed her:

“When I looked at the poverty of these people I sat quietly and repented in my heart. God forgive me for asking for more. You have already given me more than I deserve. Sometimes we go on our knees and we ask him for more. When we look at these people we know God himself cares for them and as we reach out to show love to them we are thankful to God that he will use people like us for such a time as this.”

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  1. The Fellowship Team says:

    Hello everyone from Tororo, Uganda! We are here and loving the time that we are spending with the people of Uganda. Today we stuffed 720 bags of beans and 720 bags of rice for each orphan coming on Saturday. Eric Sass and Cooper Kline carried 200 pound bags of beans and rice, we were all impressed! Sara got to meet her orphan, Ignatius today and it was one of the most amazing moments of her life. We shopped in the town of Tororo for medical supplies and additional orphan needs. Tomorrow we get to meet 160 new orphans from around Uganda. We will play games and welcome them with open arms!! We are working hard each day and loving it all. Much love to everyone. The Fellowship Team

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