Sunday in Uganda

It was fantastic to once again be a part of the True Vine worship service and to see many of our friends. If you didn’t have any friends at church wouldn’t it seem like something huge was missing? They greeted us with warmhearted smiles, firm handshakes and smothering hugs.

Even now as I sit outside the church in the late afternoon I am surrounded by children who are content to stand and stare as I write.

There are many changes at the site. In anticipation of a visit from the president of Uganda to dedicate the new hospital everything is being spruced up with luxuriant foliage, cacti, flowers and trees. An enormous front gate is under construction. The gate will swing open to hail the president and his entourage as they arrive. New buildings are popping up and will be finished and painted before the big day.

As I toured the site I marveled that three years ago this site was bare land and now there is a clinic with a state of the art hospital in its final phase of building. A sewing room is a gathering place for women who are learning to sew in order to support themselves. The women’s ministry shop supports the sewing room by selling clothing, baskets and jewelry. The women who have made the hand-crafts are paid and more materials are bought. When the American teams arrive and shop it really boosts their ability to restock supplies.

There is a computer room where anyone can go to learn.

I was amazed to see the preschool and playground equipment. I remember two years ago a team member and I discussed how wonderful it would be for the children to have swings and merry-go-rounds and now they do!

Soon there will be a primary boarding school where at risk orphans will live. Others will attend as a day school. This school will have the best teachers, housemothers and staff and Christian principles will rule. It will be a privilege for children to attend.

Of course all these projects need funding and generous people like you can send your tax deductible contributions to Hope4Kids. You can state which project you would like your money to go toward or give a general donation and know it will be put to good use.

The House of Hope is looking promising. One can imagine sitting beneath the great columned portico drinking a Stoney soda and leisurely watching the sun go down while visiting with our African neighbors at the end of the day.

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