Robert and I arrived in Uganda last night two weeks before the November team. We will be working and preparing for their arrival and will be joined by Elizabeth, Don and Darrin on November 5th.

I’ve been told that it is very difficult to adopt a child here in Uganda even though they are orphans because the law says if they have a living relative that relative must care for the child. But if the baby is abandoned the courts will allow you to adopt. So at the Amani Baby Cottage in Jinga, Uganda it has been possible for Americans to adopt some of the cutest babies on earth. I was tipped off about this organization by a woman in Texas who is in the process of adopting through them. I looked up their website and was so impressed I contacted them to ask if I could stop by for a visit.

Robert, Pastor Wilber and I stopped on our way to Tororo and were warmly received. We saw around 50 babies/toddlers. Not all are to be adopted out. Sometimes a mother dies during childbirth and the husband, grandmother or other relatives aren’t able to care for an infant so they bring him/her to the Baby Cottage where the baby will be cared for for up to two years. Sometimes they are able to come and retrieve the child. Other times the relatives are not heard from again and after two years of no contact the child is considered abandoned and can be adopted.

Often a mother will go to the hospital to deliver; give a fake name and then leave the baby there. Sometimes these mothers are teenagers who’ve gotten pregnant and the boy refuses to take responsibility or the girl won’t name the boy. Alone with her baby and having no skills or finances to care for it so she will leave it at the hospital or abandon it in an area where she knows someone will nurture the child. Sometimes the fate of the baby is worse and he will be abandoned in a latrine as was the case with one of the babies at ABC.

People heard his cries from the bottom of a 48’ latrine and called the police who pulled him out with ropes. He has multiple problems and they don’t know how much stems from waste he would have swallowed and inhaled in the latrine or if he was born with the problems. In either case he is a precious little guy who receives a lot of love at the cottage.

ABC welcomes a lot of preemies and I had the privilege of holding and carrying around their smallest baby Faith. I hated giving her back but knowing that someone very special is waiting to give her a home made it much easier to kiss her goodbye.

Please visit the extremely informative and fabulous website to learn more about this organization and how you can be a part of this great ministry.

I will post photos and give you an update of our work on the True Vine Ministry site as soon as I am able to return to the internet. As you may know it is difficult because of brown outs and often I will be in the middle of sending and the power goes out.

Keep us in your prayers.

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