DuaneDuane and his wife Kathy of Flagstaff, Arizona have often talked about doing missions together.  She has participated in mission trips but this is D J’s first.  His wife just accepted a new job position and was not able to come this time but he hopes in the future she will.
D J chose Romania because they are sponsoring two children in the gypsy village.  He was able to meet them and to see how they live and see where their dollars are going.

Among his highlights was working and painting.  He feels his contributions are more labor intensive than relational but I think he did well in both areas. 
He really enjoyed the Romania worship services and was moved by the Tom’s messages.

Culturally, this South Dakota farm boy enjoyed the countryside of Romania-seeing their farmland and livestock was similar to his boyhood memories.   Just being in St Petersburg and seeing the magnificent city was thrilling.

Duane has traveled extensively and has seen poverty and knows about the trafficking of children but seeing it up close and personal made a huge impact.  He can no longer stand back but feels the poor and defenseless children need us to reach out and do something!  Seeing that Hope4Kids does this is what attracts D J to this organization and will have him coming back to partner more.

D J loved the team members and the energy of everyone working together.  We loved D J and his involvement and willingness to serve.  You won’t see many photos of him.  He seemed to disappear whenever I got the camera out but I did manage to catch him off guard a few times.

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