We returned to the Orphanage #2 to finish painting the hallways and woodwork.  The director was so pleased because they are having an inspection next week and they will be able to show this great improvement.  She said we were the answer to her prayer.

Some of us played with the special needs kids.  Robin brought out sidewalk chalk and let the young artists have free reign.  We handed out gifts of beanie babies to the kids and gave care packages to the real heroes-their caregivers.  Sometimes we concentrate so much on the kids we forget to honor those who are there everyday making sure the kids are well taken care of so we wanted to make sure they realized how much they are appreciated.

We went to dinner at Patio Pizza and surprised Tom with a birthday cake and gifts.  We then took a boat ride on the Nevo River and Sasha entertained us with Russian history pointing out buildings and giving us insight into Peter the Great and others.  It was a fabulous evening and even knowing we had to get up in a few hours to leave the hotel by 4AM didn’t cause us to rush.  We wanted to hang onto the few remaining hours and agreed we could maybe sleep on the plane trip home.

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