What a Sunday we had!!! Our bus took us to the barrio in the morning. Some went of to mass at the Catholic Church while the rest of us attended a prayer service or shopped in an open market in the neighborhood. Then we all met under a big tent for another church service. The people were so happy. Dancing and praising the Lord. I think I spotted a couple of our team members clapping and moving their feet a little too!

We had the privilege of hearing Tom preach. It was the third anniversary of the death of his mother. He talked about how before he was born she dedicated him to the Lord’s work. He talked about his parents and how they led the way in mission work by reaching out to migrant workers in the community. As always it was a moving and inspirational message.

After lunch it was festival time!! The church tent was taken down and we set up stations on the lot. Uncle Tom brought blank puzzles. The children designed their own puzzles with crayons. They LOVED it! As you will see in the pictures there was always a crowd around the puzzle table.

Whitney headed up a cosmotology station where the girls painted fingernails, applied makeup and passed out hair scrunchies.

Laura headed up the poloroid team. Children lined up to have their photos taken. Many of them would grab one of our pretty blonde girls to have their photo taken with them.

Marlee, Joan and Earl passed out the goodie bags the girls had made up on Saturday. They held soap, toothpaste & toothbrush, candy, pens & pencils. It’s good to give out toothbrushes and paste when you pass out candy, dont you think?

Alan, Nick, Gerry & John were kept very busy balloon sculpting while Pat entertained the crowd with his clarinet.

The teenagers were involved in face painting and playing games with the children. Erika, Emmalyn, Stacey, & Arianna did an awesome drama.

We had speakers set up blaring contemporary Christian music. We did the hokey pokey. The Spanish and English version. It was a great day!! The children had almost as much fun as we did!

More tomorrow! Thanks for your prayers.

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