Word got out to the barrios that Hope4Kids was there to help kids.  A father came to one of the barrio leaders and asked if we could help his son.  He was in the hospital with pneumonia but had multiple problems.  He had a tumor in his chest-kidney problems-a problem with the brain.  The father said Baby Tom is 16 months old and is the size of a 3 month old.  Dr Don and Elizabeth went to the hospital to see Baby Tom.  Dr Don came back with a report that wasn’t good.  This baby had a tumor in his back; the part of his brain that makes you swallow is missing so he is fed through a tube.  The tube is in the nose instead of the abdomen because with no running water and a great lack of understanding of personal hygiene within his home there is larger risk of infection.  Baby Tom has no knee caps.  He has club feet.  Elizabeth said that it was such a sad case even the baby’s doctor cried.  Dr Don pointed out how much Baby Tom’s parents love him.  They both hold him and kiss him and want him to live.  His mother whispers to him while his father hovers.  Once you see him and know his name it becomes too personal to turn your back.  For the moment Hope4Kids will provide the food needed.  A team member paid for testing.  We will keep you posted on Baby Tom’s progress.  Please hold Baby Tom and his parents in your hearts and prayers.





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