WOW! What a time we are all having here! We arrived Safely on the 13th and have been going non stop ever since. We are in Satiago and working in a barrio here.

There are 35 of us on the Hope4Kids team. We represent seven states across the US. The patriarch of our group is Tom´s Uncle Tom who turned 80 last month. He is doing well and has lots of energy and is loving playing with kids. He´s a great asset to our group which ranges in ages from 12 to 80.

We have three electricians on our team. They are working on the gymnasium/church building. The building will be used as an outreach to this community. It will be put to use seven days a week. They will even have a little area to sell hotdogs to help support the building.

The other building where you will see a lot of team members painting inside and out along with the local children who have come to help, is a community building. They have been allowing the church to use it while they are building their building. So as a thank you to the community they are painting and fixing it up to turn back to the community.

The people are warm and friendly. As always our teenagers are a hit as they play “football” , paint faces, jump rope and many other games with the children. The children love our blondes. They want to touch their hair whenever they get the chance.

We are working with a missionary John Hendee, who has lived her for about ten years and has a great relationship with the people in the community. He gave us lots of tips for getting along in the community.

Sunday will be a full day for us and I´ll be taking lots of pictures so if you don´t see your loved one today you will tomorrow!

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