BruceBruce is from the San Francisco Bay area.  We met him several years ago while we were in Cuba.  That’s when we were kicked out for religious activity!

Bruce has been working hard on construction this trip.  He worked on a crew putting public bathrooms in a barrio so the women wouldn’t have to go behind a hill and risk being violated.  They dug down 15 feet (by hand of course) and since the soil is sand, had to keep pouring water on it so it wouldn’t collapse.  Then they put three big drums one on top of the other down the hole and build a shelter around it and there’s the bathroom!!

Bruce has been doing mission work for about 8 years.  He goes to Mexico about twice a year and helps out a friend who is a missionary to the people of Guerreio and Ojxaca which is Southern Mexico in the foothills. 
He sponsors a child in Zambia, Africa and traveled alone to see him.  He’s a great addition to our team and has a great sense of humor which REALLY helps!  He told me he had a girlfriend and I asked if I could put that in his bio.  He replied, “yes.  She knows it.”


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