Pastor Wilber and his wife Jane hearts’ desires are to empower women especially the many who are widowed or abandoned so these women don’t have to resort to prostitution or be subjected to abusive men.

The women are being taught sewing, jewelry design, crocheting and many other crafts.  They sell them in the women’s ministry shop.  If the women are able to provide their own materials they can sell their crafts on consignment.  If not the ministry provides the materials and pay them for their time.  They are so excited when the teams from the US come because we buy everthing!!  They scramble to make more as we buy them out and praise God while they work together that He has sent the Americans. 

Here you see them sitting around the shop diligently working on necklaces and earrings.  First they make the beads from little triangles of paper and glue.  It’s facinating to watch as they tightly roll the beads and then poke holes for the nylon cords.

It’s a beginning for a few women.  There are many more to be reached but we remind ourselves of the star fish and Mother Teresa’s words and we brainstorm with these women to generate more income for themselves.



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