Today we built relationships.  We had 65 African brothers and sisters come to the hotel.  We broke into groups according to areas of interest.  We had a medical team, orphans, board of directors, farm team, electrical and construction team, elders of the church, and women’s ministry.  It was such a wonderful exchange as the Africans shared with us what they have been doing and we asked a lot of questions.  We began to brainstorm together and came up with some great new ideas.  After lunch we all went to the site to start working together. 

Some started working in the clinic.  Some went to the women’s ministry store and others went to the town of Tororo.  One of the teachers approached us saying that her son had typhoid and he was experiencing a lot of problems.  Sherry, a nurse on our team, agreed to go to their home to check on him.  Several of us accompanied her and soon the room was crowded with neighbors to see what we were doing.  This was Sherry’s first house call!

It was a great day and we all came away with a better understanding and a greater admiration for our Ugandan brothers and sisters. 

Thanks for your prayers and patience while I have tried to get on the internet!

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