We went to church.  Marilyn and Sherry attended the Catholic church in Tororo and the rest of us converged on the True Vine church in the village.  The people greeted us with such warmth and enthusiasm.  We clapped and watched the Africans dance and praise the Lord.  Pastor Bob, who is leading this team, preached.  He had as much enthusiasm as the Africans. 

We spent the entire day at church.  Some of us took new photos of the orphans while others mingled.  David taught a married men’s class.  Kathy was asked to speak in the afternoon service.

We’ve heard some great comments from the Africans.  Of course they ALL ask about Tom.  That is the first thing out of many mouths.  “How is Tom?”  Then they say they are praying for him and will continue to do so.  Someone told Bob, “I thank God for this clinic.  Without it my baby would be dead.”  Someone else looked at Mae, who is in her late seventies and said, “You must really love us –for a woman of her age to get out of her warm bed to come here-that is love.”

The afternoon was emotional as it happens every time we find someone suffering.  I was standing out in front of the church and a woman walked up with her little girl who was covered with open sores.  I asked her what was wrong with her baby and she said, “She has the measles.”  It didn’t look like measles to me and a little while later Debbi, Leah and Angela came looking for me.  They said they heard I knew how to pray for sick people and would I come with them to the clinic.  I was sitting with Tom’s daughter Beatrice and asked her to come with us.  There in the clinic was the little girl I had just seen.  Upon closer examination of her large, open sores on her legs the nurses felt she was in the final stages of AIDS.  The said it was kaposi’s sarcoma.  We laid hands on her and I asked Beatrice to pray because I know she is much better at it.  She prayed and we all cried over this poor little girl who we think is about 18 months old.  Talk about asking God “WHY?”
Then the girls told me about a man in another bed at the clinic.  He had gangrene from being attacked with barbed wire.  There was nothing they could do at the clinic and they really think he’s not going to make it.  I asked if he knew Jesus as savior and he replied, “Yes.  I know Jesus.”  His name is Washington and again Beatrice prayed. 

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