We left the Nile, stopped for chicken-on-a-stick, shopped at an open market in Kampala and then started our LONG flights home! Even though the trip home took around 45 hours from the time we left our hotel until we arrived in our home we had a great time. By now we all knew one another and enjoyed our last hours together. Some of the team took a train to downtown Amsterdam on our layover there. It was 6AM so not too much was open. They did find a nice coffee shop and enjoyed walking along the quiet streets.

We said goodbye to the California team members in Amsterdam and the rest of us headed to Minneapolis where we said goodbye to Louaine. We passed through customs and called home while waiting for our flight to Phoenix.

We arrived in Phoenix and were greated by members of Fellowship Church of Anthem as well as friends and family. It was a joyful reunion.

This was another incredible team! We accomplished much. We dreamed of doing more. . .



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