Friday. The day before our orphan day. There are so many orphans to be seen by the team members. Of course everyone wants to meet the orphans they sponsor and our friends who sponsor like us to check on their orphans. Many send money for us to purchase gifts of clothing, food, etc. So Friday is a mad dash to the shops to get our last minute items!! It’s not like running to Walmart. One thing that has helped tremendously this time is the opening of the “orphan store”. We were able to purchase blankets, sheets, mattresses, soap, toothpaste and food items to name a few. It made life a little simpler.

Besides shopping in town and the orphan store animals are ordered and delivered. Team members were excited to see cows delivered to the site. They are kept at the church until they can be delivered to the farm. It’s kind of interesting to walk out of church to see a herd of cows on the property. As you can see posing with this black beauty was a hit.


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