At the end of the day we all return to the hotel and run for the showers.  Many of us put on our pajamas and gather for dinner.  It’s a time of story telling and laughter and tears.  This team is fabulous.  I’ve never seen so many on a team who can bring so much to the table for improving on what we have begun and adding to what is already here.  We thank God for all of these people He has gathered in this place.

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  1. Pam Rognlien says:

    I’ve been so blessed seeing photos of this team in action. The ones I know really are gems, and I’m proud to be connected, even here at home, seeing and hearing about the work. I look forward to hearing more! Thanks so much for posting daily comments. It really helps me feel like I’m sharing in some way with all of you. We’ll keep praying for God’s blessing on all of you.

  2. Miss Rita says:

    This has been a fantastic time for us here who are supporting the team in Africa. God’s Presence in Africa is so evident. As Tara Austin’s co-teacher here at FCDC, the children and I have tracked your time there. The children have faithfully prayed each day for you . . . isn’t God good!!!! to teach children about prayer and reaching out to those in need. God’s love through you has blessed us all and we give Him praise for what He is doing for us all. Our prayers will continue long after you are home. Blessings, Miss Rita

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