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November » 2011 » Hope 4 Kids International Blog


Corporate Giving Deciding Which Charity to Support
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Corporate social responsibility-what does this mean?  Corporations have moral, ethical, and philanthropic responsibilities in addition to earning a fair return for their investors and in complying with the law.  Historically, it has been believed that the primary-and maybe only responsibility-is to a corporation’s owners or stockholders.  In the past, charitable giving-giving to help others-was done through the church and money was distributed as the church saw fit.  However today, there is a broader view of corporate giving.  Corporations are encouraged to embrace this concept. This type of giving would include their employees, suppliers, and customers; but it also reaches out to the community which might be near or far away, environmental groups, or other special interest groups-which would include numerous foundations and charities.

Many believe that large corporations have huge reserves of both human and financial capital.  Therefore, they should devote at least some of their resources to addressing social issues and to helping make the world a better place.  The problem comes in deciding which charitable organization to support.  Presently in the United States, there are 1.8 million non-profit organizations to choose from.  A non-profit organization (NPO) is an organization that does not issue stock shares or does not distribute its surplus funds to owners or shareholders.  Instead this surplus must be retained for the self-preservation, expansion, or plans of the NPO.  So now instead of the community or the church or even the individual, a corporation may have the role of deciding which charity is the best one suited to match its interests.

NPO’s take many forms.  There are charities, foundations, social welfare or advocacy organizations, professional or trade associations, or religious organizations.  Their funds may go to support the arts or humanities, education, the environment, animals, health, human service, or just about anything else that you can think of.  Most of the resources of these groups come from individuals (75%) followed by foundations, bequests, and corporations.

How can you learn about these various groups?  Some charities choose to knock on doors, call you on the phone, send letters, or perhaps to spread their story by word of mouth.  Giving has been made easy.  Individuals or corporations can easily donate online, and the fees are minimal; you can give directly by sending a check; or you can sponsor fundraising events.   The first step is in making the choice to become involved and to vow to make a difference.We believe that if you are looking for an organization to support that promotes education, improves the health and well-being of many, and cares deeply about the children of the world; then Water4Kids may be exactly the charity you are seeking.

We live in a world where nearly a billion people around the world still do not have clean, safe drinking water.  Children and women spend their day fetching water for their families.  Because children are expected to do this, they never have the opportunity to attend school or to improve their future.  In addition, the water that is brought back to the families is contaminated and instead of giving life; it brings diseases and death.  Most do not have medical clinics or supplies nearby to help them in their fight for survival.  You have the opportunity to give the gift of fresh, safe water; life-saving medicine; the opportunity to attend school and have the proper school supplies; and most importantly, the chance to deliver hope to those in the most need.

Research does show that those corporations that develop a reputation as being socially responsible enjoy a higher level of performance.   Most importantly, we want to see corporations as good citizens.  Let us help you make that difference!  Give to Water4Kids this year.



Restoration in a Nutshell
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From:  Saturday, November 5th


To see the gospel come alive before your very eyes ~ incredible!!  The words of Jesus, ‘Truly, I say to you, as you did it to one of the least of these my brothers, you did it to me.‘  Every day has been spent in the joy of sharing Jesus’ love with his precious children!


Restoration can begin with the most meaningful connection ~ sponsoring a child.  Some team members have lovingly supported a child, providing life-saving items to sustain them, to educate them, to give them hope!!  This day, many team members got to meet their child for the very first time.   A momentous connection like none other was made while hugs and joyous laughter filled the air ~ indescribable, experiencing the beauty of looking into the eyes of love!!



These children who are sponsored are given life!  Yes life, physical life as in life-saving medicine, mosquito netting, food, and clothing.  Likewise, spiritual life, knowing God’s love through the redemptive work of Jesus changes their existence.  Because of caring sponsors, light has been brought into their darkness.


Restoration continued in the dedicated work of Wendy Stokes who developed a program for H4KI called Mission 4 Character designed around La Red Business Network.  Over 900 secondary kids from around the Tororo area as well as True Vine faculty were given the opportunity to learn 40 Biblically based principles that will help them in business, school and life in general.  The Chinese Proverb definitely comes into play… Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day.  Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.


What could be more restorative than life-saving water?  Without water, there is no life.  At Kijebero well dedication in Kapyanga we were led by the children to witness their previous water source.  Seeing first-hand what it was like for the villagers to drink before their new well was drilled was a heart-wrenching experience.  No one should be allowed to drink from such tainted water.  Thanks to hearts that are moved for change, this day the Pomerado Christian Church group and other team members joined in the dedication of their well.  We arrived to loud music playing on a sound system that could be heard for miles. Sadam the sub-county leader in the area, who is a great partner with Hope 4 Kids, met us for the dedication.  It’s always a joy to see Sam “the hygiene man” teaching the villagers how to keep healthy through hygiene and sanitation.


We blessed the well in Jesus name, opened it up for everyone to drink and officially turned over the well to the village of Kijebero.  Afterwards, the team helped deliver 50 mosquito nets to the village children in greatest need.


Once again, another amazing day spent being a part of Restoration for the Kingdom of God!



A Love that Shows
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From:  Friday, November 4th

Could our day be spent any better?  So much to see and do here in Uganda, while taking part in God’s beautiful Kingdom of Restoration.  We started our day with breakfast, followed by Family Time, a time to gather and hear words of inspiration.  Tom shared from his heart his deep passion to bring Jesus’ love in a very tangible way to those who are in such great need.  Speaking love and showing love are two very different facets.  Words without action have a way of leaving one empty and alone.  Actions speak louder than words; showing love through interactions brings great joy, not only to those we are serving, but also to God himself!!

So many opportunities awaited us.  Some chose the journey to Juba to visit Vision Nursery School where the children danced while filling the building, as well as our hearts, with their beautiful voices in song.  Some chose to Visit Smile Africa where we could not help but be touched by these precious children of Karamojong whose needs are greater than a heart can bear.

Excitement and joy was experienced at the well dedication in Kajarau.  It is a life-changing experience for these villagers to have clean, fresh and safe water to drink; it is truly a sight to behold.  Our wonderful friends from Loveland, CO had hosted “Walk 4 Water” last May raising the needed funds for this village well.

Before returning back to the Rock for some lunch, we gave 325 dresses to the girls and over one hundred shorts to the boys!  A grateful thanks to Carolyn for all her love-in-action-commitment to Dress a Girl Around the World’s passion of bringing dignity to these beautiful children.  Along with dresses and shorts, 50 life-saving mosquito nets were given to the children to be used in their family dwelling.

After lunch Elizabeth and a few team members visited the village of Seka.  It was a joyous occasion meeting the children.  Several in the team couldn’t leave without sponsoring some of these cherished children.

Rachel was excited to be hosting the Smile Africa/Kingdom Preparation Women’s Graduation at Smile Africa.  So enthusiastic for this event, she had beautiful pink graduation hats made with lavender tassels.  It was a very exciting day to see 19 women graduate after being in our Hope 4 Women International Sponsorship program for one year.  Testimonies were given as well as joyous singing and dancing in celebration of their great accomplishment!  How beautiful to end the celebration as team members were touched by witnessing these women’s success that they eagerly sponsored 13 new women.  Thirteen women who now have the opportunity to live a life of dignity, gaining the needed skills to provide for their children, through our empowerment programs!  Now that’s love!!!

In need of a few provisions as well as the desire to experience the flavor of this new culture we had immersed ourselves in, a visit to the town of Tororo was a must.  As we wandered through the market, our senses were greeted with an array of stimuli.  We were able to make purchases obtaining some needed supplies at the pharmacy and hardware stores, as well as taking care of some business at the foreign exchange office.

With great anticipation we can hardly wait to see what God will do tomorrow!!



Two Teams Together
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What a special performance we were treated to on our second day in Uganda. Tom with Team #1 (27 people) were greeted by the beautiful children of Vision Nursery School in Juba, performing a special song and dance. Our hearts were filled with joy as we heard these precious children singing of God’s love.  We couldn’t help but be touched as we got a glimpse of Pastor Peter soaking up all the love and goodwill brought to his community from our team!


What a blessing to visit Pastor Ruth at Smile Africa where we had the privilege to feed the children of Karamojong. Nothing compares to holding a cherished child in your arms, knowing you have the opportunity of reflecting Jesus’ love to them.  Seeing their eyes wide open, and their hearts so full of love has a way of putting ones life in perspective. The kids at True Vine campus were especially lively as we got to trade-in our role as “grown-ups” and play with these beautiful children.


As Team #1’s day moved along, Eric with Team #2 (also 27 team members) started their morning drive from Entebbe to Tororor. A “pit-stop” was made along the way at the Source of the Nile River in Jinja.   What an experience taking a boat ride down one of the great rivers in the world. “Bucket List” item checked, now on to some shopping before continuing along our journey.


Around 4:00pm we arrived in Tororo excited to check-in to our new digs, Rock Classic Hotel. We soon joined  Team #1 and jumped right in the fun at True Vine Ministry, playing some basketball and volleyball while enjoying time spent with the kids. It was such a pleasure meeting with the ministry leaders and hearing all about the exciting things happening here at True Vine.


Talk about family dinner time, all 54 team member were able to gather together to share stories about their day, it was a beautiful nourishing of body and soul.  Many of our African friends visited us in the hotel, including Sadam, an LC3 Sub-Country leader of Kapyanga.


Looking forward to unpacking and settling in, we did get the customary welcome ~ our electricity going out a few times for a couple of hours.  And yes, the rain… oh the rain, sheets falling for hours with no sign of letting up!  Oh well, as they say TIA (This is Africa).  So much to be a part of here!!





Yea ~ Teams Arrive in Uganda!!
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A safe arrival has been made; both our teams have arrived safely in Entebbe, Uganda. Team members who arrived this afternoon headed straight to Tororo with Tom, checking into our beloved Rock Classic Hotel.

Those who arrived this evening went with Eric Sass to the Golf View Hotel, near the airport, where they will spend their first night.  After breakfast those who stayed in Entebbe will journey to Tororo, along the way stopping at Jinja to see the source of the Nile!  What an amazing opportunity to see the location where many Bible stories have taken place.  They will be arriving in Tororo around 4:00 pm where they will join those team members who arrived the previous evening.


Sleep well our friends!!



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