Uganda: You are most welcome!
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Thursday, April 7th, 2011

By:  Angie Simon

We are here – in the wonderful, amazing country of Uganda!  All 26 of us, from Pheonix, Minneapolis, Benicia and Spokane arrived safely in Entebbe after some LONG flights, and a re-direct through Nairobi after KLM reduced their flights.  We were met at the airport with big, beautiful smiles from Pastor Hillary, Pastor Wilber and Bobby, one of our amazing, reliable and super-safe drivers.  And God is SOOOO good – not only did we all arrive safely, in good health and great spirits, all of our luggage arrived, too  (always nice to start the trip with all of your luggage)!

So, we begin our journey with much anticipation and excitement – and maybe even a little anxiety for some.  For those of us returning, it feels like we are coming home.  For those of us coming for the first time, we will soon see why so many can’t wait to return.

Today we will begin our drive to Tororo with a stop at the source of the Nile - an underground spring that bubbles to the surface.  We’ll also get our first look at some of the African handicrafts available for sale.  Then we are off to Tororo where we will check in to our home for the next week or so, the Rock Hotel.   This drive takes several hours, so we will get to see lots of the African countryside, towns and friendly, smiling people along the way.

After we arrive, we’ll head over to the True Vine campus where there is a school, church and other facilities, for a tour.  It is only a few minutes drive from our hotel – and we can’t wait to see all the beautiful, loving children who will be thrilled to see us, too!  Pastor Wilbur, Pastor Hillary and Angie will stop to Jinja to shoot some video showing what it is like for a family to live without access to clean water every day of their lives.  This should be powerful – a word that will describe many of our experiences to come!


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