Kubo East gets their well dedicated
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November 7, 2010
By Cheryl

On Sunday a group of us rode into Kubo East village for a well dedication. When we arrived, the children had a short presentation for us. We have been very familiar with the song “Hello, hello” as we have heard it most everywhere we go.

Hillary and Moses from True Vine spoke to the people  and  our group about how grateful they are with the new well. Having a well with fresh water is such an important aspect, yet we as Americans take it for granted.

During the presentation a storm developed in the skies. We ran for cover to a nw church. Wet and cold, the kids didn’t stop as they started singing and dancing.

Awhile later, we sorted out the pillowcase dresses and lined the children up in lines of three and began dressing them. When we ran out of dresses, we had seventy-three scarves to give out to the women and older girls.

When the rain stopped we ventured out of the church and to the well where we finished up with the well dedication. Pastor Hillary and Loses requested that the water committee take on the responsibility of the maintenance of the well to keep the water clean. A fence would be built around the well to keep the animals out.


Visting a prison in Uganda
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November 6, 2010
By Milinda Perry

Today we visited the prison in Uganda. Twelve of us sat as a guard escorted approximately 250 prisoners to sit in front of us.

I did not feel fear only love. I did not see prisoners – only beautiful men. Pastor Larry asked for any who wanted to receive Jesus to come forward. This day I got to see a miracle. God’s presence was there and with all of us. Forty-five men came forward and got down on their knees to receive Jesus Christ.

I won’t forget the love on their faces and the tenderness in hearts.

These beautiful men were in one moment from having nothing to having everything. I may not see them again this life, but I can’t wait to see my new brothers in heavan.

Thank you Jesus!

Melinda Perry



Jenny meets her sponsored child for the first time
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Friday, November 5, 2010
By Jenny Herzog

Jennie with her sponsored child

When I first decided to come to Africa, I wanted to sponsor a little girl so I could meet her face-to face and make an impact in a tangible way. I was so excited when we headed to the Vision Nursery School in Juba this morning. This was our first up-close visit with the people we came halfway across the world to serve. When we arrived, little children in tattered, dirty clothes rushed to greet our bus and shake our hands. We were also met by the school’s headmaster and escorted to a classroom for a special program.

As we walked in, the children clapped and honored us. Then we were treated to singing, dancing, skits, and games. The kids sang about how happy they were to see us and sang passionately about their love for Jesus. It was sweet and heartwarming to think about how long they had been preparing for this day. It was very humbling to be treated as dignitaries. I took photos and video and smiled until my cheeks hurt. Towards the end, I asked which little girl was my sponsored child, Florence. They brought her over and let her sit with me during the last few songs.

As I suspected from her photo, she was shy and reserved—not outgoing and assertive like many of the other kids. She had such a sweet spirit and seemed to be an “old soul.” She didn’t speak much English, but that didn’t stop us from communicating. I held her hand and smiled a lot. She just kept looking up at me with her big, brown eyes. After the program, I got to spend some time with Florence and give her the little gifts I brought. She was happy to get the teddy bear. I’m quite sure she didn’t know what it was so I showed her how to hug the soft little animal. Florence liked the dresses too, not in an exuberant way, but with a quiet excitement. It was hard because all of the other kids were trying to take her bear, capture my attention, and jump in front of all the photos. Florence tried to be patient, but I could tell she wanted my undivided attention. She held onto my hand tightly the whole time. At one point, I was talking to some of the other kids, and she started touching my hair. I’m sure I was a strange site with my red hair and freckles.

Love knows no boundaries

It didn’t take long, but God bonded our hearts and souls together. I know it was no accident that God linked my heart to this precious little girl who has no father and struggles to survive. It was extremely hard to leave her, but she will always be special to me. I will pray for her every day, and remarkably, she will pray for me too. I was reminded of something Tom said Corrie Ten Boom told him…everyone that is put in your path is there for a purpose—to help you or help them. I believe Florence and I are helping each other.

I pray that I will be able to go home and convince others to make the investment of a dollar a day to save the life of a little child. After all, it’s not an accident when a child is born. God made each one special and they all deserve a chance to thrive. Even if I left today, I know that God helped me fulfill my heart’s desire to impact a life!



Greetings from Uganda!
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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Our team of 49 have all arrived safely to Uganda including over 100 pieces of luggage! God is good. Thank you for all for praying for our safe journey.

We arrived around 8PM on November 3rd and drove just a few short minutes to our hotel for the night. The team was so excited to meet our dear African friends that greeted us at the airport. We enjoyed a good nights rest and woke up refreshed and ready to start the day. After breakfast, we piled into the buses and headed to Tororo. Along the way, the team experienced their first real introduction to Uganda… the lush green landscape… the beautiful people….and chicken on a stick! We stopped in Jinja to visit the source of the Nile River where the team enjoyed a short boat ride and shopping. When we arrived to our home away from home –The Rock Classic Hotel, we were greeted with a beautiful rainstorm. The team checked into our modest, but comfortable rooms and got all settled in for the next eight days.


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