H4KI Africa Team Update
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Monday, April 19th, 2010

As some of you may know, we have had a team in Ugandan for the last two weeks. Our team was supposed to return home on Sunday Evening. Due to the Icelandic volcano ash, the return flights for the H4KI team has been delayed indefinitely. As of 04/19/10, all airports in Europe have been closed. The team is safe and content in the Imperial Golf View hotel in Entebbe waiting on updates from the Ugandan KLM office along with our personal travel agent. The earliest we may be able to return home is Wednesday, 04/21/10, but some reports have been up to a week to two weeks. We will keep you updated as we receive information. Again, our team is safe…. happy and content. We are diligently working on getting our team home quickly and safely. Pray for our safe travels!



Austin had a Great Time in Uganda
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Sunday, April 17th, 2010
By Austin Stone, Age 11

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I like playing with the kids , building, and going on safari.

I saw wonderful things.

I enjoyed celebrating my mom’s birthday in Africa.

Playing with a machete was my favorite activity.

I had fun at church (for once!)

The person I will remember the most is Bobby. He is funny and we like the same team – Liverpool!

I had a great time in Uganda!


The Beauty in God’s Creation
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Wednesday, April 14th, 2010
By Bettye Ruff

Through the poverty and desperation, I was in awe of the beauty of God’s creation in this area. Also, there was joy and peace in the people that we, as privileged North Americans, will never comprehend.

To me, it is an example of God’s grace and mercy for the people of Uganda.


I Saw You Today Father- a poem by Chassidy Daly
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I saw you today father

Through the eyes of your children,

Starving for attention and in need of your love.

Waiting, hoping

Lingering for the touch of another human.

Eager to embrace anyone is willing.

Tear stained faces

And dressed in rags

They wait in masses

For their turn to be loved.

Through you Father,

I realize the work being done.

It isn’t to make the world perfect,

But to be your arms to hug,

Your ears to listen,

Your words to encourage,

And your heart to love.

Thank you for using me.

Your Servant,



H4KI Team Visits Bupoto
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Tuesday, April 13, 2010
By Anne Maxwell

What a great day we had on our way to Bupoto! The scenery was spectacular; so green and rich. At first, we thought the rain would hinder our chances of getting there, as the bus skidded from side to side on the muddy road but we managed to walk the last part of the hill. What a sight we were tentatively trying not to fall in the mud while all the local children skipped happily along barefoot in the mud. The poverty is put to the back of your mind because of the kindness and love there is among the people. We were treated to joyous singing and everyone’s spirits were raised.

Outside we played throwing and catching with the kids which was fun.  In one evening we met Ken who had dedicated his life to looking after orphan kids at the Awingo House. Again, the singing was such a great pleasure to listen to.



Pasikula Gets School Supplies from Fellowship
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Monday, April 12th, 2010
By: Sara Kilstrom

Today was an amazing day.  We, the Fellowship Team, made a trip to Pasikula to deliver all the school supplies that we purchased with a pool of our money.  Fellowship Child Development Center Kindergarten, Shawn Walsh who collected from friends in Anthem, and Scott Stone combined our money for 1 million shillings or $500.  We went to town with Pastor Peter and bought supplies, such as notebooks, pencils, pens, chalk and math manipulative sets.  It was fascinating to watch Peter choose what was needed, not a want but the basic necessities needed to educate these beautiful children.  The joy of the business owners, excited to have us spending money at their store was an added benefit for me.  One small step by us, allows God to bring so many moments together, restoring all of our worlds at once.

The drive was about 1 and ½ hours down a dirty bumpy road with trails leading off to the bush, home for many.  Pasikula greets us under a large tree, the children lined up in their red and white checked dresses, sing us a few songs.  The village shows joy that few of us can understand – suffering and great love at once – God is right here at work, right at this moment.  We unloaded the supplies and figured out how many of each item each child will get.  We broke into two teams, mine went to the side where the nursery children were.  Their classrooms were each under a tree, benches to sit and write one, a beaten broken chalkboard nailed to the tree.  All I could think was, what a beautiful classroom.  No Smartboard, no clock, no Reading Books, but the gift of learning is being given to the next generation…Why do we make it so hard?

Each class greeted us with a song and then respectfully lined up boys and girls to receive their supplies.  Many of these children had never seen a Muzungu, they had fear in their eyes.  I would smile and say hello- going to each one hoping the gift of touch could help them realize we are all the same; all here together in this moment.  As I watched the children thankful for a necessity, I couldn’t believe the impact that $500 makes.  $500.  As I turned around from the schoolrooms there was a mud hut with two sayings painted on it;

Poverty is a prob for we youths;

Chance comes once.

I am so glad we each took the “chance” to come to Pasikula.  A chance to see, feel, mourn the poverty here.  Maybe by “chance” us coming out here once will bring others to help heal Pasikula completely.



A Special Gift of Hula for True Vine
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Sunday, April 11, 2010
By: Jaynell Cantor

Sunday, a day to worship and it certainly was! For me it was a day that God had moved in my heart to share a hula (Hawaiian dance) that I learned years ago to the song called ‘the Prayer” I sat up in the early morning wondering why God would ask me to share this dance with my team and today I got an answer. Worship comes in many forms and as long as your heart and soul is in it, worship can be powerful and beautiful.
Our team had an opportunity today to worship in two locations. Half of the team went to Pastor Peter’s church in Juba while the other half (that I joined) worshiped at Pastor Wilber’s church at True Vine Team Ministries.
Church was filled with close to 500 people today. Traveling from near and far they spent over three hours in worship. Their time of worship was incredible! So freely they gave of themselves to God worshipping with song, in dance, in laughter and in tears. Heads were bowed and hands were raised; some were even kneeling in honor of who God is. There was even a point in the service where people would lift of chairs and dance around, smiling with smiles that light up the room with the glory of God.

What I have to say about worship this morning is that whether is a relationship with Christ or not, any person attending that service would have been touched by how much they love God. They worship freely and I witnessed their personal relationships with God through that. True Vine members don’t worry about what the person next to them is thinking. They just give everything they have into their worship – never holding back. Everyone is accepted because they are children of God, not because of social status. This is what true faith and a relationship with God is all about. It was an amazing time of worship this morning at True Vine. Pastor Wilber hopes that America will worship like the Africans and I would have to agree!  It would be great to get people that excited about worship and not care about what they look like, sound like, or what the person next to them is thinking. Worship as I saw today is the only between you and God. Nothing else matters. Singing, dancing, spinning, jumping, whatever it is, that you’re doing to worship, God appreciates it and finds great joy in that.

Tom asked if I would be willing to dance the hula at service. I believed that God could use this form of worship for His Glory and as I danced, I felt the Holy Spirit dancing through me.  God used that talent and style of worship to shine into the lives of the people at True Vine Church and I was honored to be a part of that.

It was fascinating day of worship and one that I’ll remember for a lifetime. It was particularly special for me today as I celebrated my sixth year of becoming a Christian. What a birthday celebration it was!



Small Children Help Build Their Own School
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Saturday, April 10th, 2010
By Chassidy Daly

Today we visited the village of Juba. Our bus was swarmed by what seemed to be 100 children. Among those children, there was a small little girl probably about 2 years old. I imagine she had never seen a white person before because she was crying and hiding behind her brother. This intrigued me. I wanted to reach that little girl and show her God’s love.

During our visit, the children wanted to help move bricks from one area to another. We lined them up and the children passed the bricks to one another until the brick reached its final destination. During this time, I witnessed the little 2 year old girl struggling to pick up a brick. She picked it up and hobbled with it over to its destination. I watched her do this for about 15 minutes. I was amazed by her determination. During the little girls brick moving, one of the other kids bumped into her and knocked her down. She began to cry. One of our team members picked her up and she began crying even harder. The other team member looked at me desperately and handed her over. She immediately stopped crying. I held her most of the day. She didn’t smile much or talk for that matter. She just allowed me to hold her.

When it was time to leave, I placed the little one back on the ground and said goodbye. She just looked at me as I left. I got on the bus and looked out the window, there was that beautiful little girl dressed in rags waving at me with tears in her eyes.


Pasikula Well Dedication
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Friday, April 9th, 2010
by Penny

Day two after visiting the village of Juba, we went to another small, rural village to dedicate a water well.  This was the single most moving experience I have had in my Christian walk. When our bus full of “Muzungus” pulled up we  were greeted by hundreds of villagers singing and clapping and reaching into the windows to shake our hands in complete gratitude.

The water source they had before the well was dug, was 7 miles away and therefore much of the day was spent just going to get the water in a heavy container that had to be carried back on their head usually, and the water source was dirty and full of  disease so many of the people were actually drinking the water trying to stay alive when what they were actually doing was dooming themselves to often fatal sickness.  When we hiked through the bush to the well site, everyone was so excited and raising their hands in joy to us and to Jesus who they realize is the reason we are all here to serve them.  When the water began to flow from that well, there were no Muzungus without tears running dwn our faces.  I just kept think “It’s only water” and yet to them it is life. I will try never to take my clean water for granted ever again.  I feel so blessed to have met and spent time with the amazing, beautiful African people who love us so much, and I am excited for the next experience!



Day one in Uganda, Africa!
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Thursday, April 8th, 2010
by Penny

After we arrived here, we went to the True Vine Ministries site and toured the buildings there.  What an incredible experience to see the warm greeting we all received from the workers, children and families there.  It is a very basic facility in many ways but probably only because I am comparing it to the U.S. standards which I now realize are a vlessing we all take for granted.  For This area it is a much improved, and functional medical facility, school, church.  They also have a guest building for visiting nurses, doctors & teachers to come and stay.

The Children were so happy to see us and they smiled all the time, that is the first thing I noticed about the African children, they have happiness on their faces even in extreme poverty, children are resilient and if given a chance they will succeed in life.  We met a young man who was actually a sponsored child from Hope 4 Kids years ago and he is now  grown and living at the site as a teacher, he is grateful for all of the help he received, and such a great example of what very few U.S. dollars can accomplish for kids here in Africa.

We drove away with kids chasing the bus and telling us to return soon! I loved that whole experience. J


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