Climbing Wayna Picchu
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Saturday, June 13, 2009
By Jenna, Mark, Sam & Lindsey

We started of the day by getting on a bus at 5:30AM to go up to Machu Picchu. When we got there we hiked up Wayna Picchu first thing at 7:00AM. The majority of the hike was made up of steep stone steps. Jenna & Dewayne reached the top first in only 37 minutes. The rest of the team arrived 25 minutes later. The view was spectacular and we had a 360 degree view from 8500 ft. high. We also got lots of info about the Incas from our wonderful guide named Yuly (Julie). On the way down it was very steep and slippery with occasional tiny and large steps. Mark slipped and caught himself on a cable a few inches from the edge of the cliff. As he clung there, Tom came around the corner and told him to hold on so he could take a picure.

On the way down these huge steps, Sam just decided to step off…. His legs went apart and he ripped his shorts from his inner thigh all the way down. This incident was extremely hilarious and provided a lot of entertainment for the rest of the team! Sam learned those shorts were not for hiking. Sam had to tie his jacket around his waist and turn it to cover the gapping hole. Phil couldn’t breathe because he was laughing so hard!

After our awe-inspiring adventure up to Wayna Pichhu, our tour guide, Yuly, brought us on a serpentine path which led to Machu Pichhu. We ventured into the ancient Inca homes and listened intensely to everything Yuly said. Yuly was extremely sweet. She had no problem scaling the mountains while all of the team was huffing and puffing at ten steps. ( The only exception to this breathing fast was Dewayne, because he was in his element. Machu Picchu was amazing! The land is so fertile and beautiful and the architecture was so unique. The Inca was so exact and their knowledge of the earth is amazing. After our long eventful morning, we traveled by bus back to the bottom of Machu Picchu. We got an opportunity to shop in a market of huge shops. It is so much fun to laugh and talk (and try to talk) to the store owners, especially when you are with Tom or Angie – our leaders from Hope 4 Kids. Angie is so fun to walk around with and Tom, well I don’t think I have met someone with such a dry sense of humor. After shopping, the team got on a train to Cusco where we will have a night of leisure (sleep!) We have had about eleven hours total in the last two nights, but it doesn’t matter, we are having great fun with our old friends and our new friends in this beautiful land called Peru.

For dinner, we all ate the Peruvian national dish – guinea pig! It was delicious!



Taking the train to Aquas Calientes village
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June 12, 2009
by Angie Simon

After a few short hours of sleep, the team woke up to a beautiful breakfast of pancakes, omelets and fresh fruit. On the way to Cusco, we grabbed lots of water and cocoa candy to suck on to prevent altitude sickness. Mid-morning the team arrived in beautiful historic Cusco. We dropped of our large luggage, packed a day pack and headed to Machu Pichhu where we will spend the night in the village. Our delightful tour guide, Julie, met us at the train station. We took a 1 ½ hour gorgeous relaxing train ride through the Andes mountains on our way up to Machu Pichhu. We sat in the Vista train car – where the top of the ceiling is opened with sky lights enabling us to see the majestic mountains. Our day was complete with planes, trains and automobiles! We are here at Machu Picchu! The team had a lovely dinner at a charming haunt just down the pavered street. Some of us tried Alpaca filet for dinner. Very tasty. Afterwards, we passed out some leftover pizza to some street kids around the corner. It’s an early night for this Peru team. We have to be packed and out the door by 5AM to hike up the back of Machu Picchu in the morning! With that said, goodnight!



We are off to Pay-ruuuu!
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June 11, 2009

We are off to Pay-ruuuu! Th PHX team left early ths AM and met up with the rest of the team in Atlanta. Our oldfrind Bruno from Yampu tours met us at the airport an escorted us just yards away to our Ramada hotel. Most of the airport and hotel staff were all wearin masks as a precautionary measure because of the swine flu. We are all healthy and all of our luggage arrived – so we are off to a great start! By th time we made it through customs and up to our rooms it was 1AM. After a short night of sleep, we are off on another plane to Cusco to hike Machu Picchu!


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