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July » 2008 » Hope 4 Kids International Blog


Team Enjoys Safari Today at Queen Victoria Park
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Friday, July 18th, 2008
by Elizabeth Flynn

Today I had a meeting with my team leaders in the orphan department and then I went out to visit the street boys that we have in our Smile Africa program. It was great to see them and hear how well they are doing in school.
Nick, Leah and LIz went over to Smile Africa to feed the Karamonjong kids. They help out and had a great time.

Tom said they had a great day at the Safari. They saw Lion and all kinds of animals. Tom said that the team really enjoyed the day. They will travel back all the way to Tororo to be with us tomorrow. It is a long journey but they are looking forward to coming here.


Second Team Arrives Safely in Uganda
Posted by

Thursday, July 17, 2008
by Elizabeth Flynn

Today Thursday July 17th I took Nick, Liz and Leah out to some villages in Tororo to meet some of our kids in the program. We were checking on kids that have HIV and also i was updating the kids photos. We were able to see many kids. It was a good day. We then went over to a house that we have partner with to help 13 orphans. We had praise and worship with them and gave out flip flops to all the kids. We really enjoyed our time there with the kids. It was a special night for all of us.

The second team came in last night and they were off to Fort Portal today. Tom said that it was a good travel day for them. They got to Fort Portal and then went over to tour James land. They all really enjoyed that. After that they went to the Sunrise House and played with the kids. They ate dinner there with the kids and then the kids sang and danced for them. Tomorrow they will go on their safari. Tom said that they are all having a great time so far.


Elizabeth Registers New Kids From Kenya & Tanzania
Posted by

Monday, July 15, 2008
by Elizabeth Flynn

On Monday the 15th i took off to Kenya and meet with some four kids that are going to Jan’s Academy in Kisumu. It was great to see these kids because they are doing so well now that they are in a boarding school. I have put some photos on so you can see how happy they are to be in boarding school. We have Peter who is sponsored by Kelli, Diana who is sponsored by Brian Lee, Eucabeth who is sponsored by Elliana and then Steven sponsored by Nona Hart. Thanks so all of you for supporting these kids in boarding school. You are really investing into their lives. They all greet you.

Then we slept over night in Kisumu and went on to Tanzana. I had to take photos of 25 children that we are entering into our program. These kids have not ever had their photos taken so they were not all smiles. They didn’t know what to think when i showed them their photo on my camera. They also don’t speak english there so that was a challenge but we got all of our work done there. I slept over night and then we heading all the way back to Uganda the next day. It was long trip but good. God protected us on the long journey.



Medical Outreach in Mumutumba
Posted by

Saturday, July 12, 2008
by Larry Knutsen

Yesterday was a day of adventure. In Mumutumba there was a medical outreach where anyone can come for free medical help. We were also privileged to rent a store front with a home behind it for the sewing ministry. One of the young widows was selected to live in the home with her children. The tailor was hired to train the women, creating opportunities for widows to earn an income. A wonderful meal was provided by the women of True Vine Mumutumba, including liver, beef, chicken, posha and pasta. It was sad to discover one of the women in the church had left her husband and 7 children. 2 of her children were sick and Desiree and Lizzy were able to find the medicine that wasn’t available at the clinic. Mark and Desiree then arranged to fix the roof on their hut. The latrine was finished and the addition to the clinic and chicken house were well underway. We visited Pastor Jessica’s home and Moses’ home, where they wanted us to pray a blessing over their families and homes. As you read this please remember to pray for Matia’s daughter who has malaria and is not responding to the medication. She has been admitted to the hospital on IV medication. This morning has been a time of reflection as we prepare to leave Uganda. We have been touched by the extreme poverty in many areas and the overwhelming joy at the same time. From the Karomojong who are outcasts, to the beautiful village of Bupoto, we are definitely leaving a part of our hearts here in Uganda. Please pray, asking God how He would want you to be a part of the work in Uganda through Hope for Kids. Much has been accomplished but there is much to do as well. God has done great things and will continue to do His work, let’s join together and enjoy the blessing of being used in this beautiful country.


Visiting Orphan’s Homes
Posted by

Saturday, July 12, 2008
by Elizabeth Flynn

I took Michelle, Stan and Elizabeth out to visit their child’s home. We first stopped at the village that Stan has his sponsored child in. He really enjoyed returning back to this home because he went with us in July 2005. They gave us tea to welcome us. Michelle took photos of the family and printed them out for them. They were so happy. Then we stopped off at Mumutumba to visit Elizabeth’s girl. Elizabeth was able to spend the rest of the day there while I took Michelle out to see her sponsored child for the first time.
When we stopped I was surprised to meet my mom sponsored child Meble. She was so happy to see me and also asked when my mom is come to see her. I told her that I have come to see her for my mom. We took photos and gave them to her also. It was great to see her. She walked with us to see Michelle’s boy. We took lots of photos there and printed them out for Wafula family. Michelle was very happy to see that Wafula has a great family. We had a great day visited these kids.
Then in the very late afternoon I was able to go out to see our girls that go to Buckley boarding school. We fed them food because it was visiting day.



Dave & Mike from MCO Work to Complete the Guest House
Posted by

Friday, July 11, 2008
by Elizabeth Flynn

On this trip to Tororo, there are two people from MCO and Associates, a construction company in Phoenix, that have taken on the project of completing the guest house at the True Vine compound. Dave Rose and Michael Appleton have been working with some local Ugandan locals to coordinate the completion of the plumbing for three bathrooms, a laundry room and the kitchen, adding a bedroom, and finishing the kitchen. The local workers are doing a wonderful job in their respective areas while under the guidance of Mike and Dave, while these two are building the cabinetry for the kitchen. The hit of the project has been the battery operated power tools that Dave and Mike brought with them, especially to Pastor Wilber whom was a carpenter before coming to the ministry. For Mike and Dave, it has been a learning experience to see how the Ugandan locals perform various aspects of construction compared to the U.S. They have both enjoyed the time they have had working here and expressed how they wish they could be here long enough to realize the completion of the project.



Grace’s House Catches on Fire
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Thursday, July 10, 2008
by Angie Simon

Today, the team got word that Grace’s house got on fire. Her young son was playing with matches when he accidentally caught the house on fire. Grace was outside at the time working in the garden. Her young son escaped uninjured by the flames. When the team arrived at Grace’s house, the walls were still smoldering and Grace was on her knees sobbing uncontrollably. Fortunately, the structure was fine, but Grace’s entire contents of the house were gone. Tom made a list of all of her contents that were destroyed by the fire to see how we could respond.

Michele was moved by Grace and wanted to replace her items. So, Michele, Nick, Tom and Grace went to the market and bought her a new bed, mattress dishes, clothes. It turned out to be a very special day! Grace was elated and gave Michele a BIG hug. Thanks Michele for reaching out to help Grace!
On one of the original trips to Uganda, Grace gave Tom a chicken that was equal to about 25% of her wealth. Last year, our team built her house and stuccoed the mud. That stucco kept Grace’s house from burning to the ground.


Spa Party for the Widows at Mumutumba
Posted by

Thursday, July 10, 2008
by Elizabeth Flynn

The team, Larry, Jeanette, Mark, Desiree, Mikhaila, Leah, Valerie, and Chris, went to Seaside’s sponsored village, Mumutumba. We hosted a widows’ outreach along with our sister church, where we washed widows’ feet as Jesus commanded us to serve one another. We also painted their fingernails and put lipstick on the ones who wanted it. We had the privilege of blessing them with gifts they got to take home. Each woman received a basin, a towel, rice, sugar, tea, and a purse filled with toiletries. There were 54 widows and we were very busy. The women clapped and sang while we washed their feet and it was a joyful day for all. Serving them was a huge blessing for our team.

We also had the privilege of visiting Pastor Justin’s church. Pastor Justin is a major spiritual influencer and has planted many churches in the area, including the church in Mumutumba. His wife prepared a feast for the team and we got to see his home and meet his family. He asked Larry and Jeanette, and Mark and Desiree to plant trees in his yard to commemorate our visit and to bless his home. What an honor!

Elizabeth traveled up north (5 hrs) to Gulu today to visit one of our orphans. Gulu is the town that many children were abducted to fight in the Lord’s Republican Army. They were known as the Invisible Children. Elizabeth is back safely now. We will hear more about her adventure later!



Michele Photographs at Buckley & Tororo City Hospital
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Tuesday, July 8, 2008
by Elizabeth Flynn

Another beautiful day in Uganda. The entire team was busy with great projects today. Mike and Dave worked hard on the guest house cutting the wood for the kitchen cabinets.
Another group of us went to Iganda to visit the Buckley boarding school where eleven of our orphans are currently going to school. The journey is long, dusty and bumpy but worth every minute once you get there. The grounds are beautiful. The school goes to P-7 and also teaches special needs deaf and blind children.

Michele was able to photograph the entire P-6 and P-7 grades. It was like having a school photographer there. Each girl received a portrait of herself. Larry, Jeanette, and Brian helped to print 230 photographs for the girls in just about 2 hours.
I was able to visit with all 11 of the girls that have been supported by their sponsors in this wonderful school. Larry and Jeanette had a chance to visit with Emma their orphan.
We were all entertained by Robert one of the field officers here, when Michele gave him the headphones for her ipod. He was dancing and singing along with the music only he could hear in his head. The highlight came when he was singing out load Queen’s “We will rock you” only he was singing – “We will – we will -rock and roll”. The rest of us in the van were crying with laughter. His Ugandan accent added to the comedy of this.

On Sunday we had a chance to visit the hospital in Tororo. The conditions have improved a bit. Different groups went to different areas of the hospital.
Michele went to the children’s ward and photographed the mothers with their sick children. She had photographed many of the children in their bed with their mothers and started to print them outside so she could give the photographs to the mothers. Before she knew it there was a mob scene behind her. Mothers had taken their children out of bed and outside so they could be photographed. It was hard to get them to understand to line up for a turn. We finally accomplished that and everyone had there turn but we would not have time to print while there. Michele took some more images of the children outside and promised to return the next day with the photos. I can’t begin to explain how happy they were that they would have a photo of their child.
Michele brought more than 100 photographs back to the hospital the next morning and the mothers could not have been more excited. They had a picture of their child – more than likely the only one they will ever have.
The team prayed with the people there and it was a great day to be God’s light.



Bupoto & Isaiah’s Church Under Construction
Posted by

Monday, July 7, 2008
by Elizabeth Flynn

Today most of the team went up to Bupoto. We first stopped at the village that Community Church of Joy is sponsoring. We were able to see all the building that is going on there. It looked like a new village. They were all so happy to have us there and are waiting for there sister church CCOJ to come and visit them in November. They say thanks for the support! The team had a great time listening to the kids singing to them.
Then we went on to Bupoto up the big hill. They were repairing the road so the guys got out to help so we could cross the bridge to get to Bupoto. We got up there and as we drove up the people were singing to welcome us. We toured the all the new buildings. The Pastors new house and then we went into the new church. They were so happy and filled with joy to have us and we were filled with joy to see all that has been done. Thanks so much to Kirk and Laura Evans. They can’t wait to see you. Tom and I were able to speak to the church members. Tom spoke about how God has provided them with the blessings of having sponsors. We had such a great time up there. We danced in the church until all the rain subsided!


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