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June » 2008 » Hope 4 Kids International Blog


Our Last Day of Hard Work!
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Monday, June 23, 2008
by Christine Eyde

One last day of hard work! Today we returned with Parkway to work some more on the soccer field. It was more of mixing cement, rock and water! It was a very hard day of work for all of us! Mark commented that he does not want to see cement again unless it´s in a truck.

Some supplies were delivered, but for some reason they needed to be about a mile away. I know, I know, I am going to sound like my father but it was honestly uphill in the sand. We needed to two wheel barrel fulls of rock and several bags of sand (weighing about 30 pounds each) to the other site. When I lifted my bag of sand, I was under the impression we were taking them a few yards away to the cement mixer, as I approached, they told me ¨OH up there¨. We got up there, we were told ¨OH two more blocks¨, it felt like we just kept going and going! It gave us all something to laugh about over dinner!

After we finished and dropped off the supplies for a later project, it was time to head back to the cement mixer! Once the pads for the day were done, another friendly game of football (aka soccer broke out). It was fun but I just don`t know where some the guys got the energy, they must feed off the kids.

Some of the people on the Parkway Team were able to meet and play with the children they sponsor through Hope 4 Kids International.

It was very hard to get on the bus and say goodbye to Jose, Heidi, Flora and all our friends in the barrio. Parkway will continue to work through Friday, they will be here for a traditional wedding in the barrio Friday night, I wish I could stay to see it!

Once again, this year´s trip was unique from the previous two and I will look forward to another one next year. Tomorrow morning at about 10am, Mark and I fly to Lima and arrive at Noon, the rest will meet up with us at about 7pm, we will all fly to Houston at Midnight and part ways for Arizona and California on Wednesday morning. Many friendships were made inside the team and what stories we have to bring back for all!

On behalf of the 2008 Hope 4 Kids Trujillo Peru Team!

Muchas gracias & Buenas noches



Last Day in Trujillo; Team Goes to Machu Picchu
Posted by

Sunday, June 22, 2008
by Christine Eyde

Just when I assumed I was finished! After a majority of the group left yesterday, I had resigned myself to the fact that the trip was pretty much over for me. I was just hanging out and we were going to help out with Parkway Church.

This morning we returned to Jose and Heidi´s barrio – 6. We attended church, the first song they sang was a very familiar one to most of us Ven, del mismo modo que lo son, a practicar el culto. (Come as You are To Worship) – first sung in Spanish and then again in English. They did a few songs in Spanish and then Open The Eyes of Your Heart (one of my personal favorites). The service was quite moving. We opened with communion. Jose spoke about how you do matter, you are significant to God and the work he has in store for you. Mike translated during the service. An older women who looked very Grandmotherly came before the church to accept Christ during the closing of the service.

After lunch it was time to hit the dirt with work! We worked on the ever popular football field from earlier this week. We all chipped in and to help with many different aspects. I shoveled rock, lifted rock into the cement mixer, shoveled sand, lifted sand into the mixer, carried water in buckets from the storage tank, lifted them into the cement mixer and even got to wheel the cement and pour into the pad! We all just pitched in as needed, it was very rewarding!

Once the work for the day was done, yes, you guessed it, time for Volleyball for the women and a friendly game of football (aka soccer) for the guys. Jose lead the Peruvian team of men as Mike lead the American´s. Each team won one game a third was played, I am not sure the outcome. I must say, I was impressed with the American´s they played a great game and it was fun to watch!

I happy to report, we were able to check out the handy work of the latrine from earlier this week that was started by myself, Richard and Steve. The septic tank we started was finished with a cement pad across the top and the brick wall is in place. We have a plumber in this group who will start the shower and piping work tomorrow.

What a day, I am so glad I was able to experience it here. Mark was a little under the weather and stayed behind but will be joining us tomorrow. Sadly, for the two of us, it will be our last day here….for this year.
We will hear from the team later, but today they all spent the night in Cuzco and went up to Machu Picchu. The internet was slow; we will look forward to seeing the pictures!



Getting to know 14yr. old Jacob Schmidt
Posted by

Friday, June 20, 2008
by Christine Eyde

You have heard from most of our team members but we have one who is our youngest, Jacob Schmidt. Jacob is a 14 year old boy from Prescott, AZ who enjoys hanging out with his friends, running and spending time at church.

Jacob attends AELC and heard Tom speak at his church sometime this past January. His Pastor Mary Bope had attended a trip to Africa with Hope 4 Kids International. After hearing Tom speak, Jacob was moved to join this year´s mission trip to Trujillo, Peru. I had asked him what his Mom and Dad had thought of this and he said at first, they didn´t know what to think but once they realized this was not a phase, they were more than supportive of him. Jacob went before his church to ask for money and support in addition to sending out letters.

Prior to attending this trip, he had done a trip to Mexico last year but knew there was a need for more in other countries and wanted to continue to spread Christ´s love. Now that he officially has his first over seas missions trip under his belt, he feels it spreading love does not have to be glamorous to be meaningful. Jacob pitched in when ever needed, and now feels that spreading Christ´s love can be anything from playing dodge-ball with the kids to mixing cement with a native Peruvian.

Jacob has enjoyed working with the team and feel that this team was just the right fit for him, I know I for one enjoyed his youthfulness and watching someone experience this for the first time. Jacob mentioned that the highlight of the week was the new Barrio and the excitement of the children that we were there.

He is looking forward to returning home to Prescott and sharing the stories of the Barrios – from construction work to playing with kids and working on the team with his family and friends. He hopes to inspire some of them to go off on a venture of their own.

As far as the what we did today, we all went to Barrio 1 with Loy and Teresa for more fun with the kids and hard construction work. The morning was once again filled with laughter of over 160 children! Jennifer, Stephanie, Kathy and myself helped the women of the barrio to pull this off! The highlight for me was at the end of the VBS, we were able to have to workers sit down and relax while we served them Soda (store brand of Inca Cola) and some crackers.

The men on the other hand, another morning of very hard work! They worked mixing more cement and pouring a slab floor for a preschool. They did very well together as a team and very hard.

In the afternoon the women chose to stay in barrio and play a few games. The first game was the four of us and the two American interns against six Peru women. We were put to shame! The next round was a mixer, three Peru women, three American women vs. three Peru women and three American women. We all laughed and had fun.

Most of the group will be leaving for Manchu Piccu tomorrow morning. Tomorrow is a down day here for those of us staying behind. We will catch up on some much needed rest here at the hostal and walk around and enjoy the sights of Huanchaco before another church arrives from Surprise, AZ and we will meld in with the work they will be doing Sunday and Monday.



Special Needs School
Posted by

Thursday, June 19, 2008
by Ron & Richard

Today was Thursday wasn´t it? The days have been a blur for us here in Trujillo. We had two groups today doing very different things. Christine, Ron, Kathy, Jacob, Jennifer and Stephanie along with the the Project Hope Team went to a special needs school run by the Catholic Church. Eight of the children from the barrios where Hope4Kids works attend this school. It was very well run and we were impressed by the care and compassion shown by the teachers and staff and by the joy and enthusiasm of the students. Some of us bought some of the beautiful crochetted items that the older kids made.

In the afternoon this group went to a new barrio where Project New Hope is beginning a new community development. Despite the very poor conditions the children were enthusiastic and lively as we did crafts and played games and sang songs. Dodge ball was a big hit out there in the huge sandy lot. Though we looked at the place and thought how bleak and hopeless things appeared, we found that the people were excited by the chance to own a bit of land and looked forward to the future with hope. Ron Baesler

We on the construction crew had a good day but if we never see a brick again it will not be too soon. From the street to backyard we moved many a brick. The homeowner did not want them stored on or near street any longer so in addition to building a brick and mud wall, we moved bricks. We violated my union rule of only carrying 3 at a time by some carrying 4 and some using a wheel barrow with 15. We moved at least 600 bricks. The bricks are made of local mud and not fired. If it were to rain here, half the city would slide down the hills. If the brick walls are to be a retainer, they use a fired brick of red clay with cement morter but for residential walls the bricks are mud with no firing and morter is a mixture of clay and sand. We did not complete the two walls for addition to the house but did get them about four feet high. The next crew can finish and hopefully soon so homeowner will have some privacy. For those who have not seen pictures, the mud is mixed on the ground with water added to sand and local dirt. It makes a terrible looking mud almost like cow droppings but does dry hard and keeps bricks in place. The dry conditions here make it a good construction material. The mortar-mud is placed by bucket and moved into cracks etc by hand. It does wash off easily. Hard work but making a house any place is hard and not much different here and as usual, using local available materials and construction methods. Check pictures on web site to get good look. Richard Wall



Today We Worked in the Barrio Built on a Landfill
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Wednesday, June 18, 2008
by Steve & Stephanie Jordan

Today we visited the barrio that was built on top of a dump. The construction crew put in a 50ft long foundation for the base of a wall that was going to be built around the barrio´s community center. The men of our group worked alongside a 70 year old man, and he put them all to shame, they had some trouble keeping up with him. The other half of the group helped out with the school in the morning by feeding the children and then doing crafts and playing with them. After lunch, a line of about 20 or 25 people, mainly women and children, formed an assembly line up the former Inca Irrigation Canal. We moved about 300 bricks up and over the hill in about an hour and a half. It was really cool to see everyone so excited, especially the kids, to be helping. We lost Tom today to the Project New Hope farm where they are raising snails, milking cows, and getting ready to raise guinea pigs (Cuy). Today brought many smiles to us team members as well as the people we shared our time with. We are looking forward to our last two days in two new barrios.

Steve and Stephanie Jordan



When Shoveling Mud Becomes a Resting Day
Posted by

Tuesday, June 17, 2008
by Jennifer Even

Today was extra special because the construction group got the opportunity to help build Richard’s (a team member) sponsor child’s house. They made great progress by the end of the day and were thankful that the weather cooled down again. It was funny to hear a few team members talking over lunch that they never imagined shoveling and wheel barreling mud would be a resting day compared to the priors days work of lifting huge buckets of cement :) Other members got the opportunity to help with vacation bible school while playing and spending time with the children. It has been amazing to see so much joy and laughter being exchanged between one another. Near the end of the afternoon a Dentist, Dr. Marco and some current students from town visited the barrio to provide treatment to a handful of children. A few team members watched the clinic being held. I have never see children so excited to see the Dentist and it was adorable seeing the children faces light up when they received a toothbrush at the end. It was a wonderful day where great work was accomplished and many friendships were created.



Team Members Work Hard Today!
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Monday, June 16, 2008
by Christine Eyde

Today we went to Heidi and Jose´s barrio. The kids were having school today so we helped to make lunch for them and serve it. A retaining wall needed to be built, but first the footings need to be done. There were large rocks that needed to be moved. Once they were moved, they were placed to form the footing for the retaining wall.

There was a football field that needed to done. (or as they call it back home, a cement soccer field.) Cement needed to be mixed, to this we needed to haul sand to the mixer in large buckets and dump them in. Once the cement was mixed, it needed to be taken to the area for the squares to form the football field. According to the people who worked on this end of the project, it was extremely labor intensive, Mark said it was the hardest work he has ever done in his life!

There was also a latrine that needed to be built in a house belonging to Flora. Flora has opened her home the last two years during our trips down here and is very well respected here, rightfully so, she is a remarkable woman that is not afraid of some work. In the morning, Robert and Steve dug a hole to start the latrine. During this time, Flora, two teen aged girls and myself moved brick from the front of her house to the back of her home and stacked them. We also moved boulders-rock to be used in the base of the latrine. Robert and Steve dug a hole that was about 8 feet deep. After lunch we returned to the site. Steve mixed mortar (seven bags of dirt, one bag of cement, about a half a bucket of water) to be used in between the rocks. Robert climbed into the hole and did not finish until it was time for us to go home. Robert would mix mortar, I would hand rocks and buckets of mortar to Steve, Steve would stack rocks and layer mortar. We finished a good six feet, and then it was time to load onto the bus. Our job was a little more difficult towards the end, we lost our wheel barrel that we were using to mix the mortar.



Work= Mass X Distance
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Sunday, June 15, 2008
by Ron Baesler

Sunday in Trujillo meant sunshine. After a cool and drizzly day yesterday we saw the sun for the first time since our trip began. We had a beautiful day working with a beautiful view of the ocean. We worked until 3PM on the grounds of an old school that Project New Hope has acquired and is remodeling for its work. One part of our team spent the morning working with the children–as always, we were surrounded by laughing, bubbling, dark eyed joyful children. The crafts, games and stories were led by the local leaders that Jorge and his wife have trained. Our team got to be part of the excitment, leading the kids from station to station. Each station was named for an animal–the lion, the butterfly, the crocodile. Another group moved an enormous pile of bricks from the entrance back to the rear of the property. As any physicist knows WORK = MASS X DISTANCE. Lots of mass moved lots of distance means lots of work, plus tired muscles and sunburned necks! The last group helped Carlos, a young bricklayer, begin work on a bathroom and shower facility. They mixed sand and cement, moved bricks and helped him raise 3 of the 4 walls to a 5 foot height.

But no Sunday should be complete without worship. We joined the local families for worship at 3;30pm. The group sang, prayed, celebrated communion and had a special skit and message for Father´s Day. We have just returned from our dinner at a tiny Italian restaurant in the home of wonderful grandmotherly Italian lady and her son. It has been a full day and we will certainly sleep well tonight. We continue to be blessed by God with good energy, good food, great new friends and the ability to incarnate God´s love with our brothers and sisters in Peru.



Serving in Jaime & Patty’s Barrio
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Saturday, June 14, 2008
by Christine Eyde

Today we went to Jaimie and Patty´s Barrio. Wow, again what a difference in one year. They now have a kitchen in the community center. They have ¨street lights¨ and some homes have running water to the outside so they do not have to carry it in.

We did a VBS with the kids and as usual it was a hit with all the kids. All they have was the equivalent to youth director or youth pastor to draw in some of the teens. He teaches them about respect and how to act. We had a noticeable increase in older kids participating in the program and helping. His name is Chuck. Some of us – Mark, Stephen, Tom & Dwayne worked on what I think is going to be a shower, (or a latrine) they moved bricks, added cement and started the walls. Ron and Richard worked on a latrine in a private home.

It was as always great to be in the barrio again! As I said, we did VBS in the morning. Katherine (who used to teach Phys Ed) took charge with sports, Jacob also worked that area, Stephanie did crafts and Jennifer did food. In the afternoon we just played. We had a volley ball tournament, they had two nets going. We also did the ever popular Uno, Uno, Dos and Ring Around the Rosie with the younger ones. Late in the afternoon, some of the women in barrio brought us into the community center to say Thank You to Hope 4 Kids for all the work and support that is given. On their own, without any financial help from Mike and Danelle, they purchased a large cake to present to us. A Leleche Cake. Can you just imagine what they had to go with out to do that!? Each of the women got up to say Thank You. Marta and Edwin´s mom stood up to speak, she said the they have been back to Lima for a hearing aid for Marta and it has made a huge difference.

Tom and I were able to go and see Betsy´s house that we started work on last year. Again, for lack of a better word.. wow! It is amazing to see it finished considering last year it was tarps an bamboo.

It was sad to leave. I personally have such a strong tie to the barrio, and as always it was very hard for me to leave. When we had gotten there, Christopher (Corrina´s son) came up to me, remembered my name and gave me a big hug. When I was talking to her (via Patty) she said she did not believe him when he came in the house to to tell her we were here. She said, no, they come in July. I was amazed that she remembered. I also got to meet her husband. He has been working in Lima each time we have been here in the last two years. He is only home until tomorrow morning and then will be gone until December. Currently he has been doing construction in Lima from the earth quake damage last year.



Hope 4 Kids Returns Back to Peru
Posted by

Friday, June 13, 2008
by Christine Eyde

We all made here safely, luggage and all! We spent the night in Lima and took a morning flight into Trujillo. We met with Mike and Danelle and were updated on projects and what we will be doing for the week. They filled us in on the snail farm, cow farm and couee farm. We had lunch at a local restaurant (The one with the upstairs that overlooks the water.) We walked around the town a little bit and then the group went to tour Chan Chan. Danell and I came back to the hotel to organize all the crafts for the week. We will be going to seven barrios total. For those of us who are returning, it is great to be back again. For those who are here for the first time, it´s fun to see them experiencing it.

Tomorrow we will be headed to Jaimie´s barrio. I am excited to see Betsy´s home that we started work on last year. I am also excited to see Betsy.


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