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June » 2007 » Hope 4 Kids International Blog


monday 6/18
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Monday was a great day visiting children, singing and visiting schools. The class rooms were small with no electricity. The children performed singing and dancing. They discussed AIDS and sex. The team was amazed at the openness in the public school of talking and singing about Jesus.

Some of the team stayed on site playing with the children. One boy was asking about braces. When they explained about braces he said, “We have good teeth because we chew on bones.”

Late in the afternoon some of us went to the bush for another spa/tea party at Victoria’s. We had an awesome time! After the spa and they were admiring their beautiful nails and Victoria said, “We’re so beautiful we should eat with a spoon instead of our hands.”

Wendy brought scarves worn by her friend when she suffered from a brain tumor and when she looked up from painting nails to see one of our widows wearing a scarf from that friend she was overwhelmed with emotion. She is pictured above. Isn’t she beautiful?

There was a lot of activity yesterday with people painting, working in the clinic and busy with projects.

Blessing for today:
May God bless you with tears. . .
To shed for those who suffer from pain, rejection, starvation, and war,
So that you may reach out your hand to comfort them and turn their pain into joy.



Church in Uganda
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Carolyn, Scott, Cody and Christine wrote an awesome report of their travels from Kenya up to their experience at True Vine church and the local hospital but when I plugged in my flash at the internet the document wouldn’t open so tomorrow I will hand type it into the blog.

The team split up and went to different churches. Some went to True Vine main church while others went to Pastor Peter’s church and the rest of us went to a small village church WAY out in the bush!

It was a small, mud church with a tin roof. At first I was able to keep count of the number of people as 30 to 40 crowded into the little church. Those who arrived first were able to sit on wooden benches but suddenly the church was CRAMMED with people and there was no way to count them. People were standing outside looking in the doors and windows.

As guests, we were seated in front facing the people. There was a table covered with a cloth, boasting fresh flowers in a plastic vegetable oil bucket. Fresh flowers hung from the beams and doorways and were quickly wilting in the heat.
Mats were placed on the floor for the children to sit in the front of the church. Each time the speaker moved I cringed, fearing he would step on one of the children.

The pastor got up to introduce Tom as the speaker and told them, I’m not going to speak because if I talk you won’t hear because your eyes are on the visitors.

One of our projects is to build a village. For $22,500 we can build a clinic, a church, the pastor’s house and dig a well. This also includes 1 1/2 acres of land for the building. We’d love to have Isaiah’s village be the next recipient of this build a village project.

Here is today’s Franciscan blessing:
May God bless you with anger. . .
At injustice, oppression, and exploitation of people
So that you may work for justice, freedom and peace!



The team arrives!
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Africa 4

When Wendy, Jane and I arrived at Grace’s house there were ten widows waiting to be pampered. When I knelt before the first woman and started to dry her feet she let out a cry of disbelief –then hid her face in her hands. The portable massager was the hit as the women all said it was like driving a motor car. One said “I’m driving to Kampala!” (a five hour drive)
My sister Joan sent frilly hankies that belonged to our mom so I chose to give them out a Grace’s party since Grace has been my friend since the first trip three years ago. They were so touched when I told them they were from my mother and several times I tried to tell them my mother was now in Heaven but they were shouting me down with their joy and saying I should thank my mother for them. Finally they quieted down enough for me to tell them they were in memory of my mother and they appreciated them all the more.
We painted their nails but they all dig in gardens for the small living they eek out and decided the dirt would just spoil the polish as they work in their bare feet so they decided they didn’t want their toes polished.

When we returned from the party the team had arrived! The Ugandans were so excited to see the Americans and crowded around to greet them warmly. They followed us as we toured the site, children grabbing onto hands and wanting to walk with the Mzungus. When we reached the True Vine School some of the team played with the children on the playground. Scott and Cody started a soccer game. Some of us visited the hospital and prayed for the sick.

Elizabeth visited True Vine School and was impressed to find the children studying so diligently. She spent most of the day in the orphan office with the field workers.

Stephan and Robert went on an adventure to the jungle looking for poles for building a kitchen for Grace. They visited homes and enjoyed meeting people in the jungle.

It’s going to be a great team!

Prayer for today: Pray for our team as we began our projects.



Spa for Widows
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Today Wendy,Patsy, Janet, Pastor Ruth, and James along with our driver, Michael took to the bush to meet ten widows. This time we weren’t caught off guard when many more showed up. We brought 20 basins, scarves,etc and used them all! The spa was held at WazembaII’s house. She had all the women up singing, dancing and clapping when we arrived. WazembaII is one of the widows who accepted Christ on our last visit. We presented her with a cross made by a friend of Mae Jackson for those who accept Christ. She laughed as she said, I never thought a Mzungu would come to my home and now you have come twice!
About an hour into our spa she said, My heart is pounding! I’m so excited!
All of the women smiled and laughed as we served them tea and donuts and gave them manicures and pedicures. Usually our drivers wait in the van while we do our work but our driver today, Michael couldn’t wait to jump in and serve the women.
An elderly man appeared and said, I am a widower! I want to bathe my feet and have my nails painted! Then he started teasing the women and telling them they were getting themselves beautiful so they could find new husbands. There was joy all around with the spectators as well as the widows being pampered.
When the final gifts were distributed they placed them all in their basins and put them on their head and danced with joy!

Robert, Stephan and Andrew went to Father John’s hospital to see his friend Okware. He came through the surgery fine and tomorrow will be assessed to see what else he needs. His wife was with him to cook his meals. Okware wanted hot tea so Robert and the guys ran to get him a flask of hot water. Then they toured the grounds. Robert was looking for the grave of Father John and was told, But why are you looking for his grave when he’s still alive?

Elizabeth and her team went to Busia. They met new orphans and spent time at Pastor Jessica’s church which is being built by Sea Side church in California. A team from there will be coming the 20th of June and the church members eagerly await their arrival.\
Elizabeth also met some of our girls who are in a girls’ boarding school there. She was so impressed with how happy and well they all were and excited that they are receiving a good education assuring them a future of hope!\

Today’s Prayer: Pray for the team as they arrive and that Gods blessing will Rain on the community of Tororo.



Wednesday, June 13, 2007
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Today was another great day. Elizabeth went out with the orphan field workers visiting orphans in boarding schools and was so busy she didn’t have time to take pictures so you will only see two today of her work. She is so dedicated and works long hours to insure our orphans are being cared for properly. We appreciate her so much.

Stephan, Wendy and I went WAY out to the bush for a tea party for ten widows and seventeen showed up!! They loved their spa day and one said, “I feel as though we are on an airplane flying to heaven!”
I asked Stephan, “Do you know how to polish fingernails?”
“I could learn!”
The ladies loved having Stephan and his friend Timothy painting their nails and now I’m wondering if Stephan will have a new profession. Pastor Ruth, Patsy and Wendy filed their nails and Stephan and Timothy followed with the polish. Janet and I dried their feet and put them in the foot massager. The looks on their faces were priceless when the motor started. The widows also received packets of carrot seeds and scarves along with the basins in which they soaked their feet. Pastor Ruth surprised them with cooking pans and the rejoicing & singing was a joy to watch. Then she told them, “We want to give you the opportunity to accept Christ. We don’t want to buy you. But we want you to know that He loves you and if you feel in your heart you want to know Him we will pray with you.” One of the widows stepped forward and said she was ready to receive Him.

Robert was busy taking care of a man who works at True Vine. He has been having problems with his eyes and asked Robert if he could help. Robert asked Pastor Ruth where to take him and she directed him to a reputable place. The man has lost sight in one eye and the other is half gone. They decided to operate immediately to save the one eye. Please keep Okware in your prayers as he recovers.

We topped off our day with a celebration dinner at Pastor Ruth’s home in honor of my birthday and Wendy’s wedding anniversary.

Today’s prayer: Pray for the team as they travel. Pray for Tom as he leads these teams. Pray that he will have wisdom and God’s strength.



Party at Wazemba’s!
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Robert, Wendy and I arrived in Uganda on Monday and have been enjoying connecting with our friends and jumping into our work here.

Today Wendy and I held our first party in the bush. Wazemba and ten of her closest widow friends met at her house. We arrived with basins, soap, portable foot massagers, scarves, packets of carrot seeds, tea and donuts. We had all of the women sit and then put basins of water in front of them. At first they thought we wanted them to wash their feet. Somehow we explained they were to just soak their feet and relax while they drank their tea and ate their donuts. They loved it! We brought three portable foot massagers with us and when we dried their feet, covered them with plastic bags and inserted their feet in the snuggly foot massagers they were delighted. When we turned on the massagers a look of shock came across their faces as the vibration began-then they smiled and laughed. One said, “it feels like I’m driving a car!” Wazemba said, “I want to take this inside and go to sleep.” We had a great time celebrating together. The afternoon rains came in before we had the opportunity to polish their nails but they were satisfied and shouted with joy when we presented them with gifts of basins, scarves and seeds.

Stephan and Elizabeth arrived this afternoon from Kenya where they spent a couple days meeting orphans there. They met about 40 new orphans who were so excited to be added to the program. They’ve been waiting for about six months to join and now look forward to being sponsored by friends of Hope4Kids.

When the rains come our vans often get stuck in the dirt roads so Stephan got to experience stepping in mud and pushing the van. Fortunately there was a river nearby so they could clean up before their long journey from Kenya to Uganda.

Robert brought a battery operated bug zapper and he and his guys had a great time playing with it and zapping hornets nests. The guys kept shaking their heads in wonder at this amazing tool and say their hornet busting days are going to be much easier now with “that thing”. We’re hoping to start someone up in business as there are a lot of problems with hornets making their homes within the mud houses.

Prayer for today: That God’s hand will be upon our work here.



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If you click on the Evangecube in this section it will take you to a demo of the cubes we will be taking to Uganda this summer. They are easy to carry and simple to use in sharing Jesus with those whom have never heard.
Cick on the middle of this rectangle



My Hero-Mae Jackson
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Mae Jackson has been an important part of Hope4Kids for a number of years. As a retired senior citizen she has put in her time of working and could spend her days relaxing and enjoying life. Instead she has left her comfortable home on three occassions to travel to Uganda with us and spends long hours in the clinic testing people for reading glasses. In April she and her Ugandan son, Richard distributed 459 pair of reading glasses. People who had been unable to read the Bible rejoiced as they were fitted for glasses and the Word showed up for them for the first time in a long time. Because of her influence her son, Richard is going to attend seminary and study to become a pastor.
Always full of life-we’ve seen Mae eat grasshoppers, ride motorcycles and a lot of other crazy things! At home she continues to think about the Ugandans and how she can help. She collects things for Hope4Kids to take on trips such as medical supplies, necklaces-whatever we are in need of-she goes after and gets it for us.
She’s the best and is loved by all of us at Hope4Kids!
Thanks Mae for your love and dedication and spirit!


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