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July » 2006 » Hope 4 Kids International Blog


Peru Team – People Spotlight
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Sharon passing out sandwichesThis is Sharon’s first mission trip.  Something she never thought she’d do but when Howie and Mary asked her to go to Chile last year she said, “okay.”  That trip fell through and this year when Howie and Mary decided to go to Peru she said “okay” again!  A retired 5th grade school teacher from Somis, CA Sharon had never been to a poverty-stricken barrio.  She says you can’t imagine what it is really like until you experience it first hand.  It gets personal and you leave with much more empathy for the people than you do by watching discovery, etc. 

In each barrio Sharon became attached to at least one child.  In one barrio she gave her child a Jesus bracelet.  The girl later brought her a tattered, dirty statue.  Sharon took it and admired it and handed it back to her.  The little girl kept giving it back until Sharon realized she was giving it to her so it will go in a very special place in Sharon’s home.  She takes home Peru in her heart and her hands. 

Sharon was also impressed how the children watch out for one another.  The older children make sure the younger children get fed first.

Although Sharon was a bit apprehensive about coming here she soon realized that Hope4Kids really sees to the group’s safety.  She says it’s been fun!  We are so pleased to have her with us and it’s been great watching her feeding and enjoying the children and getting the job done!  We hope to see her on another trip!


Peru Team – July 25 – Living In A Dump
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Dump girls feet from back yardTom, Elizabeth and New Hope team members visited a barrio that had been built upon a garbage dump.  The walls were made of sand mixed with garbage.  There was about 30 feet of garbage beneath the homes.  The toxic materials within the walls and underneath the homes are destroying children.  They called on several children who were once normal, happy children who are now mentally & physically challenged.  One girl lives in a house not only built of garbage but cows are enclosed in an area attached to the house!  The back yard is deep with manure.  In order to walk to the outhouse in the back yard they have to walk through this manure!  Elizabeth gave the girl a purse and a stuffed animal.  She kept kissing them and saying, “gracias!” It was such an emotional day for the team to see lives being destroyed because the people simply don’t understand the toxic danger they are in.

Another little girl is bedridden and doesn’t appear to be aware of her surroundings.  They said one day she was running around laughing and going to school and suddenly she was weak and didn’t know anyone or anything.

What can be done about this crisis?  How do you relocate 100’s of families?  How do you teach them about harmful environments?  These at risk kids have been enrolled in our Hope4Kids program and New Hope will work with them on cleaning up their surroundings, getting them medical attention and will explore the best routes to save them.  We will continue to update you on how you can be involved and help these kids.  We will also let you know what is being done and how they are progressing.   We’ve been told that to build a clinic in each of these barrios will cost approximately $5000.  $7000 if you add a birthing room.  One of the team members figured we could build 6 clinics for the price on one SUV!  Not a bad price for saving hundreds of lives.

Proverbs 14:21 says:   “It’s criminal to ignore a neighbor in need, but compassion for the poor—what a blessing! (Message Bible)

The New International Version says in Proverbs 14:31   “He who oppresses the poor shows contempt for their Maker, but whoever is kind to the needy honors God.”

These verses and many others like them are the driving force for Hope4Kids when we see the hurting poor.  It’s people like you who are honoring God and making a difference.  Thanks for your continued prayer and support!

see more photos in the album.


Peru Team – July 25 – Baby Tom
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Word got out to the barrios that Hope4Kids was there to help kids.  A father came to one of the barrio leaders and asked if we could help his son.  He was in the hospital with pneumonia but had multiple problems.  He had a tumor in his chest-kidney problems-a problem with the brain.  The father said Baby Tom is 16 months old and is the size of a 3 month old.  Dr Don and Elizabeth went to the hospital to see Baby Tom.  Dr Don came back with a report that wasn’t good.  This baby had a tumor in his back; the part of his brain that makes you swallow is missing so he is fed through a tube.  The tube is in the nose instead of the abdomen because with no running water and a great lack of understanding of personal hygiene within his home there is larger risk of infection.  Baby Tom has no knee caps.  He has club feet.  Elizabeth said that it was such a sad case even the baby’s doctor cried.  Dr Don pointed out how much Baby Tom’s parents love him.  They both hold him and kiss him and want him to live.  His mother whispers to him while his father hovers.  Once you see him and know his name it becomes too personal to turn your back.  For the moment Hope4Kids will provide the food needed.  A team member paid for testing.  We will keep you posted on Baby Tom’s progress.  Please hold Baby Tom and his parents in your hearts and prayers.







Peru Team – July 24, 2006
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Happy birthday to Christopher Eyde who will turn 11 on July 26th.  Your mommy will be home in just a few days with many pictures and even more stories of God’s love.

Today we wrapped up our projects and spent time with our new friends in the barrios.  After dinner we honored the missionaries to the six barrios with gifts for them and the barrios.  We loaded them down with crayons, books, pens, pencils, socks, underwear, stocking caps, clothing, baby supplies and a ton of other necessities.  One missionary showed a video he had put together.  It was fabulous.  He gave everyone who had worked in his barrio a copy. 

As I watched the video I thought about the six couples and their families who spend six days a week working in their assigned barrios trying to elevate the standard of living for their brothers and sisters.  I’m sure they get burdened with the overwhelming needs but they continue to smile and really love the people.  One missionary told me he had seen poor before he came to his barrio but he had never seen people this poor.  These people are the real heroes.  They are there when the little girls become  pregnant.  They see the babies born who are so mal nourished they have countless medical problems.  They see the men drunk and beating their wives.  Daily they are faced with all the problems that stem from poverty yet they continue striving to make a difference.  Longing to show these people the love of Christ.   While we all return to our fabulous lives in the U.S they remain working for the cause of Christ.

 “Is this Salvation war over? This war is just beginning. My part is coming to an end. But while I still have breath, I commit myself to strive for the Lord and all those who need Him. While women weep as they do now, I’ll fight: While little children go hungry as they do now, I’ll fight; while men go to prison, in and out, I’ll fight; while there yet remains one dark soul without the light of God; I’ll fight. I’ll fight to the very end! Fellow Christians, the war is not over. Win it for Jesus Christ!” ( William Booth-Founder of the Salvation Army. May, 1912)

Hope4Kids often partners with the Salvation Army whose theme has always been “heart to God and hand to man.”  We agree with the founder, William Booth that this is indeed a war.  First we need to love God with our whole heart and then we will extend your hand to others.  We are so grateful to God and His mercy toward us that we want to have a lifestyle change.  Tom challenged us to ask ourselves if we have had that change.  First have you given your heart to God?  It’s so simple.  You just ask Him to forgive you and tell Him you accept that Jesus died for you and now you want to live for Him.  Then ask yourself am I extending a hand?  How can I multiply myself?  What talent has He gifted me with that I can share with others?  What resources can I give away?  You might not ever go to Peru but you can go to your neighbor-you can reach out to your co-worker.  You can love people right where you are.



Peru Team – July 23, 2006
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Today instead of attending church we worshipped by going out to serve the people of Peru.  Before we left we had family time and Tom made us all emotional by telling a couple stories.  Today he talked about Dorcus a woman of the Bible who served the poor-orphans and widows.   The missionaries of New Hope aren’t holding church services at this time.  They believe in meeting the needs of the physical crisis first.  When people are hungry or sick they aren’t able to hear about Jesus.  First you have to show them Jesus before you can tell them about Him.

We separated into our groups with two groups doing vacation Bible school in two different barrios and two construction groups working on separate projects. 

Our little burn victim was released from the hospital today.  We were so happy to see him and everyone wanted to take his picture and touch him.

Christine R and her brother Brian received word that their dad has suffered a stroke.  Please keep him in your prayers as well as Christine and Brian.  It’s very difficult to receive news like that when you are so far from home.  Please pray for their dad’s strength and health to return.


Peru Team – People Spotlight
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JulieSMLJulie is a 15-year-old from Anthem, AZ.  She has attended Fellowship church for five years and has done mission trips to Mexico. Locally she has worked at a homeless shelter and the foundation for the blind.  She loves working to make changes in the lives of people.

Her highlights are seeing the smiles when she’s playing with the kids and meeting new people.  “It makes my day!”  Some has been extremely emotional for Julie.  She spent two days working in a barrio and bonded with the cutest little girl who wouldn’t let her go when it was time to say goodbye.  They cried together and will never forget one another.

Next summer this sophomore hopes to travel with us to Africa.  We’d love to have her join us.  We know the Africans would love her as much as the Peruvians do.


Peru Team – People Spotlight
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ConnorSMLConner.  What a delight is this 15 yr old from Boston!  His Uncle, Pastor Scott and his cousin, Katie are also on this trip.  Conner is so full of energy and jumps right in to play soccer, serve food or whatever tasks he is asked to do.  His infectious smile wins the hearts of everyone.  Two of his highlights have been playing soccer and practicing Spanish.  When asked how this trip has impacted his life he replied, “I know I’m going to get really annoyed with my friends when they say they are bored or don’t have anything to wear!  After seeing these kids and how they live we’d better not complain about anything!”

What a joy to have him with us.  He said the first thing his Spanish teacher taught him to say was “Hello.  My name is Conner.  I’m dangerous!”


Peru Team – People Spotlight
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Construction Mike KThis is Mike K’s first mission trip with Hope4Kids, however he is not new to missions.  A number of years ago he went on a leadership tour traveling to countries like Hong Kong, the Philippines, Thailand and Russia.   He has also gone on short term mission trips. 

Mike and his family just started attending Northpoint church where they heard about Hope4Kids for the first time.  When their pastor talked about the trip to Peru Mike’s heart leaped and his wife started jabbing him.  He struggled a little because their anniversary is the 29th and he will miss it but his wife thought it would be okay in this case.  Isn’t that sweet? 

Mike is an assistant principal in the Peoria, AZ district.  He said he received tremendous support from people at the school, his family and friends.  He was amazed how generously people also supported him financially.

Among his highlights is making a difference by adding things the people don’t have.  He helped build a public toilet in a barrio, painted a community center in one barrio and is helping put a roof on another community center.  He loves that the team is bringing joy and sharing God’s love with the people of Peru.  Building relationships. 

Mike is an awesome guy and we are so appreciative of how hard he is working.



Peru Team – July 22, 2006
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BoyWhat is required of you?  “He has shown you, O man, what is good; And what does the Lord require of you But to do justly, To love mercy, And to walk humbly with your God?” (Micah 6:8) (NKIV)

What is required of us now that we have seen the needs of Peru?  The children are hungry with no breakfast or lunch.  Is it fair that they have no adequate protection against the elements and the people around them?  Is it right that they have don’t have access to water?  Don’t they deserve medical attention?

My pastor, Rod once asked, “If you were walking past a home that was on fire and you heard children sreaming for help would you walk on by and say, ‘God’s will be done’?”

If you don’t do it it may not get done.  You have the power to make a difference. 

We met a little guy who had been scalded by a pot of boiling water.  His face and arms were badly burned.  We were able to get him to a hospital and pay for his treatment.  The immediately took him to surgery.  One life was saved because someone took action.

BabyWe met a baby in one barrio who had a cleft palette.  He was one month old and obviously needs a series of surgical procedures.  His first surgery is $500 and we’re not sure what the rest will end up costing.  This little boy won’t get help unless someone steps up and says, “I want to make a difference.”  His mother can’t nurse him because his mouth won’t form around her so we are providing formula and a bottle for the moment.

If not you….Who?

We continued with our vacation Bible school in the barrios today.  With many kids showing up our days have been hectic providing laughter, God’s word and food.  Our guys on the construction crew worked to put a tin roof on a new community center and did some other finishing up work.  They did manage to take time out to play volley ball with some of the kids.

Our hosts treated us to a beach party at the end of the day.  We had a great fire and grilled hamburgers.  It was a fabulous way to finish our day as we sat talking and laughing and sometimes crying.  With the waves rolling in the background and the beautiful cool evening we felt refreshed and happy with our days’ work.


Peru Team – July 22 People Spotlight
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BruceBruce is from the San Francisco Bay area.  We met him several years ago while we were in Cuba.  That’s when we were kicked out for religious activity!

Bruce has been working hard on construction this trip.  He worked on a crew putting public bathrooms in a barrio so the women wouldn’t have to go behind a hill and risk being violated.  They dug down 15 feet (by hand of course) and since the soil is sand, had to keep pouring water on it so it wouldn’t collapse.  Then they put three big drums one on top of the other down the hole and build a shelter around it and there’s the bathroom!!

Bruce has been doing mission work for about 8 years.  He goes to Mexico about twice a year and helps out a friend who is a missionary to the people of Guerreio and Ojxaca which is Southern Mexico in the foothills. 
He sponsors a child in Zambia, Africa and traveled alone to see him.  He’s a great addition to our team and has a great sense of humor which REALLY helps!  He told me he had a girlfriend and I asked if I could put that in his bio.  He replied, “yes.  She knows it.”



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