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On past trips to Uganda, Rachel Cinader has been our in-field trip reporter.  For this trip, she is staying in Phoenix to take care of  Tom Eggum’s children so that he and Sarah can travel to Uganda.  She emailed me this morning with a report from Uganda. 

Hopefully, between her phone calls from Tom and our emails from the team, we can keep you guys updated. 

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Hi David,

I just checked your note on the website.  I’m not sure what is going on other than the usual difficulty of getting online and the hours it sometimes takes to send photos.  I did speak to Tom and Sarah yesterday.  They met up with the team in Tororo yesterday.  Everyone is well.  They hadn’t seen the whole team yet because half of them were in Busia painting a new church.

As you know Tom has been treated for prostate cancer this past year and was unable to make the last trip to Uganda.  The people have been praying for him and have been so concerned.  The love they have for him is incredible.  They all had been waiting in anticipation for the day Tom would return and were excited to meet Sarah.  Yesterday as Tom and Sarah rode toward the village, about a mile from the village they saw crowds of people standing beside the rode, waving banners.  Motorcycles were circling and honking wildly.  Tom wondered, what is going on?  And then read the banners.  “Welcome Tom and Sarah!” and “God has heard our prayers”  The people lined the dirt road leading to the church cheering and clapping.  When they arrived at the church more crowds waited.  Tom and Sarah were led into the church where a white carpet had been rolled out.  There were flowers-the church was decorated like a wedding.  As Tom and Sarah walked down the aisle they were showered with confetti and welcomed with dancing, singing, shouts of joy and tears.

I’d have loved to been there to see it all but I am staying with their children so Sarah could go see the country and the people who have such a grip on Tom’s heart.  Tom said that Pastor Bob was there taking photos and I think there was also video taken.   Hopefully we’ll hear from someone soon but as we know-it’s Africa.  When Tom calls again I’ll ask more questions about the team.



Uganda Team – JUNE 2006
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I have waiting for the first update from the June 2006 Uganda team.  As of 06/28/2006, I have had no communication from the team.  Check back here to find the latest information.

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