Uganda Team – Welcome Home
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Uganda Team – November 25, 2005 – Goodbye
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We left the Nile, stopped for chicken-on-a-stick, shopped at an open market in Kampala and then started our LONG flights home! Even though the trip home took around 45 hours from the time we left our hotel until we arrived in our home we had a great time. By now we all knew one another and enjoyed our last hours together. Some of the team took a train to downtown Amsterdam on our layover there. It was 6AM so not too much was open. They did find a nice coffee shop and enjoyed walking along the quiet streets.

We said goodbye to the California team members in Amsterdam and the rest of us headed to Minneapolis where we said goodbye to Louaine. We passed through customs and called home while waiting for our flight to Phoenix.

We arrived in Phoenix and were greated by members of Fellowship Church of Anthem as well as friends and family. It was a joyful reunion.

This was another incredible team! We accomplished much. We dreamed of doing more. . .




Uganda Team – November 25, 2005 – The Nile River
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We left our hotel at 8AM for our five hour bus ride to Entebbe. We always stop at the source of the Nile in Jinga. This time we rented boats and actually went out onto the Nile River. We were taken to little island where we Dis embarked. On one side was Lake Victoria and the other we could see the water springing up where the Nile begans. It was quite an experience!



Uganda Team – November 25, 2005 – Last Day of Worship
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Today was our final day to worship with the Ugandans and to say tearful goodbyes to our many friends. It’s very difficult to let go and leave. We finally tore ourselves away and were taken to the Hope4Kids farm for lunch. before lunch some of us experienced the farm animals. We checked out the pigs, tried to milk a cow and gathered eggs. It was so fun!!

There were also MANY kids hanging around looking at the Mzungus! After lunch we gathered them under the tent and passed out clothing and bracelets. What a joy to remove a shredded, holey shirt from a child and replace it with a bright, new one. If dignity was given to just one child today it was worth the whole trip.



Uganda Team – November 22, 2005 – Football
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Saturday afternoon our True Vine football team played. They invited CJ to suit up and play with him. He played well and they loved having a on their team.



Uganda Team – November 22, 2005 – Orphan Day
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Today was orphan day. On the last Saturday of every month they have a gathering of ALL the orphans. When the teams are here they have a special invitation orphan day. That way gifts can be given and no one is left out. So every orphan who is invited will have at least one nice gift. This is also an opportunity to visit with yours and your friend and families’ orphans. There were goats, mattresses, clothing, food, flip-flops and many wonderful things given today. Some of the children were meeting their sponsors for the first time. I don’t know who was more thrilled-the sponsors or the orphans! It was a fabulous day!


Uganda Team – November 22, 2005 – Laura’s Birthday
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Today was Laura’s birthday. She spent the day caring for the sick but ended with a beautiful birthday cake and a little celebration at the hotel. Laura has been such a special part of this team. In the past she has done nursing in Honduras. There she and Heather slept in tents and REALLY roughed it. This is her first trip with Hope4Kids. She appreciated being able to take showers and sleep in a bed but with her loving, caring heart I think if we had been in tents with no bathrooms or showers in sight she would have been just as effective. We’ve been blessed to have her with us.



Uganda Team – November 22, 2005 – Women’s Ministry
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The Uganda women’s ministry is a group who help one another through prayer, finances, etc. They are always brainstorming on how to raise funds so they can help out their sisters in time of need. Pastor Jane is the head of this ministry. She gathers clothing and supplies for the widows who have no one to support them. She also is a great encouragement to women whose husbands refuse to support them. These women are being taught skills in order to support themselves. Besides the sewing center there is now a computer center. Also in the women’s ministry store you will find women sitting on mats making necklaces. It’s really interesting to watch. They actually make their “beads” out of paper and glue. The necklaces are beautiful and team members were happy to purchase them for friends and family. Here is a photo of Elizabeth being taught to roll the paper into a “bead”.

Also Pastor Jane and mentioned the desire to have wedding apparel to rent out. Here she is shown with the two wedding dresses brought by Debby. What a blessing that was! You can see the excitement even in the men at the site of those beautiful gowns!



Uganda Team – November 22, 2005 – Orphans
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Friday. The day before our orphan day. There are so many orphans to be seen by the team members. Of course everyone wants to meet the orphans they sponsor and our friends who sponsor like us to check on their orphans. Many send money for us to purchase gifts of clothing, food, etc. So Friday is a mad dash to the shops to get our last minute items!! It’s not like running to Walmart. One thing that has helped tremendously this time is the opening of the “orphan store”. We were able to purchase blankets, sheets, mattresses, soap, toothpaste and food items to name a few. It made life a little simpler.

Besides shopping in town and the orphan store animals are ordered and delivered. Team members were excited to see cows delivered to the site. They are kept at the church until they can be delivered to the farm. It’s kind of interesting to walk out of church to see a herd of cows on the property. As you can see posing with this black beauty was a hit.




Dinner Time
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At the end of the day we all return to the hotel and run for the showers.  Many of us put on our pajamas and gather for dinner.  It’s a time of story telling and laughter and tears.  This team is fabulous.  I’ve never seen so many on a team who can bring so much to the table for improving on what we have begun and adding to what is already here.  We thank God for all of these people He has gathered in this place.


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