Uganda Team 2005 Final Update
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This will wrap up our April Uganda trip.

We left the hotel early in the morning, taking a five hour bus ride to Entebbe. We stopped at the mouth of the Nile along the route. And had our traditional meal of chicken on a stick.


After 44-48 hours we have all arrived home safely.

Thank you for your prayers and support for the team. We had such a fabulous team! It was an honor to work alongside each member.



Uganda Team Update – Monday, April 18, 2005
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Today has been a busy day! We all tried to wrap up projects and to spend as much time with the children as we could.

Ceiling fansRobert worked with his apprentices and started them on assembling and installing the ceiling fans.

In the previous photos I sent a photo of a man digging a pit by hand. This will be 30 feet deep by the time he finishes! It is a waste pit for the clinic. The ground is extremely hard so he pounds a metal rod into the ground. Then bends it to break up the soil. It is a tedious and hot job!

We checked on Godfrey’s house & Pastor Protus’s house. We were hoping they would be completed before we left. . . They were mudding Godfrey’s house and would begin mudding Protus’s tomorrow. Hopefully someone from July’s team will take pictures of the finished homes.

When it came time to say goodbye to the children. . . it was heartbreaking.

We wondered who would see to it that these kids get to the clinic when they are sick? Who would watch over their progress in school? Who will comfort them when they lose their mommies to AIDS? Who will protect them?

The children were as heartbroken as we were. One of the boys told me, “Last time when you left I couldn’t sleep the whole night”. Then he burst into tears. We were crying. The children were crying. It was very difficult to leave. They will always remain in our hearts and prayers.



Uganda Team Update – Sunday, April 17, 2005
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Today Louaine and Robert were invited to a rural church run by Pastor Peter.

They were so impressed with the worship. Especially the young children involved in the worship Girl worshipingas the girl in the photo. After the service they were invited to Pastor Peter’s home. Louaine is shown here with his family.

After church we all went to the farm again for lunch. The kids in the area all waited patiently outside the gazebo for us to finish lunch so they could see what we were going to do next. We organized stations within the gazebo.

We had the kids line up and let them inside five at a time. Once inside they received beanie babies, clothing, toys & sweets. It was so orderly and went so well we decided this would be the way to distribute gifts from now on.

Sometimes it can get a bit chaotic if the children fear there is not enough for everyone. Once they realized the children in the back of the line would receive the same gifts as the children in the front they were very patient.

Gift sat the farm 


Uganda Team Update – Saturday Cont. – It’s a Party!
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Today was Linda’s birthday. Pastor Wilbur’s wife and some of the other women planned a surprise party for her at Pastor Wilbur’s house. They put up decorations and brought in a cake and other goodies and had a real celebration. As you can see the kids wanted in on the party too and were all watching through the window.

Linda's birthday



Uganda Team Update – Saturday, April 16, 2005
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Today was the orphan get together. They meet once a month or so on a Saturday. Each has to wear a red shirt to get into the meeting because everyone wants to be an orphan and kids who aren’t orphans try to slip in too.Mae

It was such a treat to meet new orphans and reconnect with those we had met on previous trips. Some of us had lists of orphans to meet and greet for our friends at home who are sponsors. We had a wild time of getting together with them. . . taking their pictures and telling them about their sponsors.

We were able to take part in the distribution of goats, mattresses, mosquito nets etc. Angela was able to sponsor three new orphans. Linda met her nineteen orphans and sponsored a few more. Mae found a sweet little girl to sponsor. Louaine fell in love with a few more. Donnie met and made friends with several new orphans. I think Hope4kids has close to 500 orphans at this time. We all had such a special time with them and felt the day was a great success. After the meeting and distribution of gifts we passed out bars of soap to everybody and fed them & their guardians. In the afternoon we watched the original Passion movie and enjoyed being together.



Uganda Team Update – April 19, 2005 – We’re on Our Way Home
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We are in Nairobi. We leave for Amsterdam in about 4 hours and hopefully will sleep all the way. Tomorrow morning we will hang around the airport in Amsterdam and then head to the US. Those of us arriving in Phoenix will be there about 1:30 pm on Wednesday.

Although we are all anxious to return to our homes and families it was through many tears that we said goodbye to our friends in Uganda. I will be doing a wrap up of the trip when I return to Phoenix.  So keep watching the website for more exciting pictures.

We are all well and are looking forward to seeing all of you soon.

Thank you for your prayers and partnership




Uganda Team Update – Thursday, April 14, 2005
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Boots2In  two of the photos you will see tom giving the men rubber boots. The men in the photos are building a latrine for the church and were working in flip flops. they are very proud to set aside their flip flops to put on their nice new boots.


Yesterday some of us were sweltering in the church. we asked Robert if we could have ceiling fans installed for them. He said yes. so we are hoping Pastor WilburBootscan pick some up today and Robert will teach his new apprentices to install them. They have been enjoying the classes so much and yesterday did some hands on work at the farm and are thrilled at the prospect of installing the fans.

Time is running short and there will be plenty for the teams who will be following us in July and November to do so if you would like to come to Uganda and help. . . Please do!!

Thanks for all your prayers. If I don’t get back to the internet until we reach Amsterdam, know that we are all well and love you.


Uganda Team – Questions?
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Several of the photos made me curious …so I asked Rachel a couple of questions about what was happening in Uganda.  Below are the questions and answers:Sml_robertteaching

In several of the photos we see pictures of Robert teaching? What is he teaching and to whom?

Robert is a retired electrician and he is training these young men to do the electrical work.

What are you guys sewing?

The women are in the sewing classroom. Our women are making skirts and tops for the children.

I helped pull teeth when I was in Thailand a few years ago. Does that make me a dental assistant? ;-)

Rachel didn’t answer my final question….wonder why?



Uganda Team – Widow’s House
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As promised in yesterday’s report here are the photos of the widow’s house for her children. I found out yesterday the fourth little boy in the photo is a nephew who lives with them too!! The house is going to have a large “receiving” room and two bedrooms. Outside they will build a latrine and a kitchen. They are so excited about it. The mother was feeling strong yesterday and spent all day there hoeing and preparing the ground for her garden.



Another team member felt led to build a house for one of the pastor’s here. His name is Protus and he has five children. The REALLY exciting thing is they are building right next to the other family so he can watch over the widow and her children. He is so happy. I have a photo of a very happy man standing on his land!



Uganda Team – Kids!
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As you can see everywhere we go the children surround us! We love them so much and I am certain that they bring more joy to us than we to them. The only problem. . . we don’t have enough arms, toys, or flip flops! There is never enough so we have to be content to touch as many as we can and pray that NEXT time there will be enough.





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