Chile Team Update – Last one
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Our last night in Chile was full of fun and emotion. We had really bonded as a team and kept marveling that 35 people could get along so well. We took a final team photo but were missing brother Rick and Sister Joan as they had to fly out early.

Pat and Diane Sullivan arranged for a Chilean dance troop to entertain us at our hotel. They were fabulous!

We also celebrated Tom’s birthday with pizza and cake.

The next day we went to see Vina del Mar. A wonderful old seaport town. We had lunch on the water and spent precious moments together before heading to the airport for the 9 hour flight to Atlanta. There we parted ways and tried not to cry as we all headed for our separate cities and states.

We hope to return next year and perhaps you will join us!

Thanks for all your prayers!



Chile Team Update – August 2004
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We went skiing in the Andes!!!

What a fun day we had! We were given choices on our free day to go to the Andes or to stay in Chillan to shop, rest and/or visit a pottery shop.

I went with the group to the mountains! What a thrill to ski or should I say fall down the mountain! John, Robert, Fernando & I were first time skiers. John and Robert picked it up quickly and Robert was hot dogging within a couple of hours. Poor Fernando and I didn´t do as well. He finally gave up but I was determined. Once when I fell on my back and heard my neck crunch as my head hit the hard snow I thought, ¨I wonder if this is how people break their necks skiing”. It was a fun day and it really was exciting to know that we were skiing the Andes.

Donald, Bev and Krista were pros and Tom left us all behind as he went to the top slope. He had to take pictures of himself because there was no one there to take them!

The boys, Tyler and Joey went snowboarding. They were such an encouragement to me as they would go over on the ski lift and yell down, “Don´t give up Rachel!” I´d struggle to my feet, wave and say, “Okay. I won´t!”

Whitney & Uncle Tom went to the mountains too but chose to hang out in the lodge and chill all day.

Some of us are a little sore in places but happy to have had such an opportunity. Thanks once again for praying.


Chile Team Update – August 2004
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Part of the team traveled to San Carlos to visit a pediatric hospital and some rural schools.

At the schools they entertained children with puppets, stories and music; took poloroids and handed out gifts. In turn the children entertained them with dances, etc. It was a great day.

While at the hospital they saw a baby who was very sick and wouldn´t eat anything. She cried and fussed and would not take a bottle. Twelve year old Tyler from our group held her and calmed her down. The group prayed for the baby and suddenly she took the bottle and drank it all! The nurses were thrilled to see God answer their prayer so quickly.

Pray that God will continue to touch lives through our team.


Chile Team Update – Thursday, August 19, 2004
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On Thursday some of our group went to a nursing home to visit. We took afghans which were made by a 93 year old woman in Mesa, AZ. She makes afghans and donates them to missions as she says it’s about all she can do for the Lord anymore. If she could see how blessed some of these elderly people were to get such lovely gifts. They were really touched by them and we were so honored to be the people chosen to deliver them.

There was a group of fith graders visiting too. They were delighted to mingle with us and to try out their English. We had a couple of English-Spanish Bibles to give out and were wishing we had a load of them as they treated them like gold.

Some of us managed to sneak away for a little while to visit Tom{s brother Ricks home. He has lived in Chillan for the past 11 years. His family has just moved to North Dakota for 3 years so his wife can get her doctorate.

In the evening the whole group got together for a belated birthday celebration for Uncle Tom{s 80th. There was a group of little girls in the restaurant and they all came over to wish him a happy birthday too. Rhonda gave them each a doll and they posed with Uncle Tom.

Keep the prayers coming.



Chile Team – from Wednesday, August 18, 2004
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Our group split up on Wednesday. Some of us traveled one and one half hour to Concepcion which is on the Pacific Ocean. There we visited several Lutheran schools. We played with the children. Handed out beanie babies. Our musicians played upbeat songs while others entertained with puppets and games.

One particular Martin Luther school is in danger of closing down due to lack of funding. Please pray for this school as the children will not go to school if that happens. They have already shut down the upper level classes and the teenagers are roaming the streets all day as they have no school to attend.

It´s fun to see the team members picking up Spanish in our short time here. They are understanding much of what is being said.

The other half of our team stayed in Chillan and worked with two Catholic nuns who run the center we visited on our first day in Chillan. Robert & Gerry put outside lights up for them so they will be much safer walking around outside at night. The team also bought supplies for a couple of wood projects. The women will sell their crafts in September & December at craft fairs. The “booths” have to be made according to certain specs and have to be something that will be portable. Roger whom we always call “Nicole´s boyfriend” (really he´s her husband) was so handy with the power saw that his new nickname is now “BUZZ”.

You may notice several new nicknames among your friends. Like Janet whose name is really Sharon. It´s a long story but know that we are all getting along so well and are enjoying one another’s company. that isn´t always easy with 35 people!

You must be praying!



Chile Team Update – Tuesday, August 17, 2004
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Members of our team have been visiting a men´s shelter in the evenings here in Chillan. It has been very moving to mingle with these men. To laugh with them. To hear their stories and to share the hope in Christ and to pray with them.

They love the music. Pat, Don & Marlee pray for them as the team members dance with them and hug them. The couple who runs the shelter has been there 35 years with no vacation! Keep them in your prayers.

Please pray as we continue to reach out to these men. That they will know the love of Christ in their lives.


Chile Team Update – Tuesday, August 17, 2004
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We are now in Chillan. It´s a little colder here but those of us from the hot states are not complaining!

We had a five hour bus ride here. Some of us visited with a couple of Catholic nuns who run a community outreach here in Chillan. They teach low income women, unwed teen mothers and other single moms & widows crafts so they can make extra money. They come to the center and learn to crochet, sew, weave and cook. (Robert wanted me to stay in the cooking class!)They can bring their children and volunteers watch them while they are in class. The center provides the fabric and supplies to those who cannot afford them. We bought some of their articles.

Part of the team will return tomorrow to do some construction around the center.

After dinner some of the team went to feed the homeless on the streets. I´ll send pictures of that later. Uncle Tom was in charge of taking those pictures since I was not part of the group who went.

Keep the prayers going. I´ll send more of a report later!



Photos Updated
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Photographs from Saturday – Monday have been added to the Photo Blog.


Chile Team Update – July 16
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We had another awesome day in Santiago, Chile!

John Hendee, a missionary here from Mesa AZ shared his dream for Peru coming up in the next few years. He will be starting an outreach to the poverty stricken areas surrounding Lima , Peru and hopes to have a Hope 4 Kids team there in the summer of 2006.

Then we heard from a pastor´s wife on the ¨house of hope¨which is a project that is starting here soon. There are a lot of children who live in homes of drug addicts and alcoholics. They roam the streets all day. Some very young children are in charge of younger children! Many are physically & sexually abused. House of hope will provide some protection or at least a safe place to go during the day. They will work on getting the kids into school. Will provide meals for them and the house will be a place for kids to hang out and hear about the love of Christ. There will also be supervision of homework. Eventually they hope to have a place where the kids can sleep too. Those who are in REALLY unsafe environments.

Half of our team worked on the work projects. Some laid tile, painted and did cement work. Others cleaned up bricks and painted basketball stands and put up new rims and hoops.

The rest of us went to a dump where some homeless people have taken up residence. It was extremely emotional as we stood with the people and realized all that we have and here were people who live in a dumping ground. They are grateful for what the wealthy people throw in the dump because that gives them blankets and things they need. We sang songs with them. Talked. A local lady shared the Good News that Jesus loves them right where they are and although they are poor now if they accept Christ they will forever live with Him in Glory and walk on streets of gold. We gave them bags of groceries and kissed them goodbye.

Tomorrow morning we leave for Chillan. Please continue to remember us in your prayers.



Chile Team Update – July 15
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What a Sunday we had!!! Our bus took us to the barrio in the morning. Some went of to mass at the Catholic Church while the rest of us attended a prayer service or shopped in an open market in the neighborhood. Then we all met under a big tent for another church service. The people were so happy. Dancing and praising the Lord. I think I spotted a couple of our team members clapping and moving their feet a little too!

We had the privilege of hearing Tom preach. It was the third anniversary of the death of his mother. He talked about how before he was born she dedicated him to the Lord’s work. He talked about his parents and how they led the way in mission work by reaching out to migrant workers in the community. As always it was a moving and inspirational message.

After lunch it was festival time!! The church tent was taken down and we set up stations on the lot. Uncle Tom brought blank puzzles. The children designed their own puzzles with crayons. They LOVED it! As you will see in the pictures there was always a crowd around the puzzle table.

Whitney headed up a cosmotology station where the girls painted fingernails, applied makeup and passed out hair scrunchies.

Laura headed up the poloroid team. Children lined up to have their photos taken. Many of them would grab one of our pretty blonde girls to have their photo taken with them.

Marlee, Joan and Earl passed out the goodie bags the girls had made up on Saturday. They held soap, toothpaste & toothbrush, candy, pens & pencils. It’s good to give out toothbrushes and paste when you pass out candy, dont you think?

Alan, Nick, Gerry & John were kept very busy balloon sculpting while Pat entertained the crowd with his clarinet.

The teenagers were involved in face painting and playing games with the children. Erika, Emmalyn, Stacey, & Arianna did an awesome drama.

We had speakers set up blaring contemporary Christian music. We did the hokey pokey. The Spanish and English version. It was a great day!! The children had almost as much fun as we did!

More tomorrow! Thanks for your prayers.


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