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Team Has a Great First Day Working in the Barrios of Trujillo
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Friday, June 11, 2010
By: Alexis Coco

Today was our first day in a Barrio on this trip and the first word that comes to mind is amazing. Not only the experience but also the kids and everything about it. We had breakfast this morning and then took about a 25 minute bus ride to the barrio. Once we got off the bus we stepped into sand. Although we were far from the beach there is sand in the barrio. It was a more developed barrio  so it had electricity but still no running water.  The men got to work building a roof while the ladies played games with the kids, gave them lunch, and loved on them. We played games outside the school in the sand and the kids were adorable. One girl was very shy and I never knew her name but the second we got outside she wouldn’t leave my side or let go of my hand. While playing games Tori Taylor got mobbed by about 10 kids to the point where she couldn’t walk. Then Pastor Ron came down from the community center to see the kids and they loved playing follow the leader with him. We played games, painted nails, and did a T-shirt activity.  Probably the best part about the day was taking pictures because the kids absolutely love the camera and pictures. I have a rather large Canon camera that I used to take some pictures and this boy names Luis was literally my shadow every time I picked up the camera. He was fascinated not just with looking at the pictures like the other kids but he liked taking them too. With the camera strap still around my neck I let him hold the camera and take pictures of his little friends that were proudly posing for the camera. After every picture they would gather round and say “a ver! A ver!” because they wanted to see the picture on the screen. They giggled, laughed and made funny faces for the camera. The joy a camera brings to those kids is so obvious it cannot be ignored. At the end of the day when the bus came back to pick us up I was sad and did not want to leave because it was truly the most special place I have ever been. If I could express it in words I would but it can not be explained.



Elizabeth’s Wrap Up
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Monday July 30th was our last work day. We all went to an older special
needs school to paint the class rooms. Well we thought we would be just
painting but these class rooms needed a lot more work than just painting.
As we started to roll on the paint to the wall the old paint was coming off
onto the rollers. It was a mess. There were about 4 other coats of paint
that needed to come off first! So we started to scrap all the walls. As we scraped some of the walls we created more work because we then had big holes that we had to fill in with spackle. Everyone worked so hard. We wanted to get more done than we did but we did do a lot and now the youth kids from the barrios are going to finish the rooms in the next couple of weeks. Everyone really enjoyed
helping this special needs school which gets no help from the state so the teachers were so thankful to the team for doing what we did. We were thankful that we could help in a small way.

Tuesday July 31st we took off in the morning for Lima to meet up with Tom
and the rest of the team. We toured Lima in a bus. It was a great day.
Then that night we left for home.

What a great team this was. Thanks to all of the team for all your hard
work and love you gave to the people of Peru. May you be blessed as you
have given so much.


Elizabeth Flynn
Director of Sponsorship Program


last Sunday in Peru
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Elizabeth writes:

Sunday was another great day. We went to church. We were blessed to hear a great message on how we all are chosen by God. It was so wonderful to worship with the team that is working to build God’s Kingdom. We then went to lunch and had more great chicken. Kirrin enjoyed the play time after lunch before we went to the last barrio where we played with kids. We also visited some kids in homes and were able to visit a young girl 16 years old who had just had her baby 2 hours before we arrived. She looked very scared. We were blessed to give her one of the many prayer bears brought by team member, Carmen. We also gave out about 60 bears to the kids in barrio 5. It was so much fun seeing the joy and excitement on their face as they all received one of these bears. We have left the remaining bears for Danell to give out to kids for a birthday or some other special time. Here is the story behind these prayer bears:

Prayer Bears

Every year Group Publishing¹s VBS program incorporates a service project for kids to do into the curriculum program. This year¹s VBS, Avalanche Ranch, included Prayer Bears a small, soft bear with the word ³Jesus² imprinted on the fabric in English, French, and Spanish. At VBS, kids stuff these bears and include a written prayer in a small pocket. The idea is that kids at VBS are making something for another child across the globe in hopes of sharing the good news of Jesus with another child. The Periodicals staff at Group Publishing and kids from Grace Place Church in Berthoud, Colorado made hundreds of bears to be distributed in the barrios.



Sunday in Cusco
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Carmen writes:

The Cusco group had to get up early today to catch a train up to Machu Picchu. The ride up was beautiful–we wound through majestic and rugged mountains that truly shouted out God’s creativity and power.

Once we arrived at the base of the mountain, we hopped on a bus to wind up a muddy dirt road with plenty of switchbacks. A twenty minute ride took us to the entrance of Machu Picchu. Here we split into two groups and went on an hour long tour of the ruins. Everyone was amazed by this architectural wonder! It’s hard to describe and many felt pictures won’t truly do it justice–it’s something that needs to be experienced. It was quite the hike around the ruins and everyone worked up quite an appetite. We headed back down the mountain and were entertained by an 8-year-old Peruvian boy who raced our bus down the hill on foot. He was a little torpedo because he beat the bus down the mountain! We ate at a delicious buffet by the river, then enjoyed a couple of hours of shopping in a quaint little market.

On the train ride home we watched a Peruvian dance and alpacha fashion show. Just outside of Cusco they turned out the lights on the bus and everyone was able to get a clear view of a beautiful full moon. Without a doubt, everyone will sleep well tonight!



Back in Trujillo
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Elizabeth writes:

Nine of our team members stayed in the barrio while the rest of the team went on to Lima and Machu Pichu. Friday we went to a special needs school where we put on a puppet show, played games and worked on crafts. We were able to feed about 150 people. The kids and their parents were so excited and grateful as no one had ever done anything like this for them. It was also very fulfilling for the team.

After lunch we painted some of the class rooms. Most of the paint was oil base so it doesn’t come off easily and of course we had it all over ourselves!

Saturday some of us went to Chan Chan in celebration of Peru’s Independence Day. We bought souvenirs and relaxed after our week of working so hard.



The Team in Lima
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Here’s what Carmen writes today:

Sorry for the blog delay, I had trouble getting an Internet connection at our hotel in Lima. 21 of the team members travelled yesterday to Lima on the way to Cusco. We had a lunch/dinner combo at a Haitian restaurant where we got to witness a very animated gentleman proclaim his love for a young lady. Unfortunately, she didn’t seem so pleased! We did a little local shopping by the hotel–Jon bought QUITE the hat!

Today (Saturday) we took a flight to Cusco. It was pretty amazing landing at 12,000 feet! We all sucked on cocoa leaves and cocoa candy to prepare us for the altitude. Cusco is a quaint little town that’s bustling with people. There are a lot of street vendors and lots of tourists. We ate lunch at an outdoor cafe and had many of the vendors coming up during lunch to try to sell us local items. After a good meal, everyone was in the mood to shop and headed to the central market where there’s tons of shops and majestic, old churches.

Tonight we’ll be eating at the hotel before we catch a very early train up to Machu Picchu. Everyone is very excited to see one of the seven architectural wonders of the world!



Thursday in the Barrios of Peru
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Here’s from Carmen:

Every life matters–this is what Tom shared with the team during this morning’s family time. It’s why were here in Peru, to help kids and women and those who have little materially experience dignity and value. When we serve others we’re showing them that we value them–that God values them.

Today was the last day in the barrios for many team members as all but nine will leave tomorrow for Lima, then Cusco. VBS was great today and everyone cherished there last moments with the kids. It was great to see the smiles of the kids and watch them laugh as they played games. The kids cheered as two barrio volunteers did a traditional dance. Tina was able to meet her sponsored child, Maria, today. It was a special time for Tina to meet her child, mother, and sister.

The construction team moved approximately 2,000 bricks today. The team had a little extra help from a sweet little boy from the barrio–the little guy totally captured the heart of Jon. The team was able to begin construction on three homes in the barrio. Everyone felt good about the work that got accomplished and the workout they received from the brick moving.

Another group went back to Jaime’s barrio to continue work on the houses. Today they were able to pour the foundation for one of the homes. The women continue to be super grateful and Jaime is amazing with the people in the barrio, forming relationships with others to help with the project. Yesterday he spoke with a man who had a backhoe and was able to get him to move a bunch of dirt for team in exchange for a Coke!

Tonight we all went with Danelle, Mike, Nicole, and Skylar to dinner. The interns from Project New Hope were also able to join us. It was great to spend some down time with everyone outside of working in the barrios and everyone took lots of pictures and shared hugs as many of us had to say goodbye. We ended the evening with some yummy cake to celebrate Nicole’s 9th birthday!



Wednesday in Peru
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This just in from Carmen:

Tom talked today about faith–how sometimes we need to step out of our comfort zone and take steps in life where we have to go out on a limb and completely trust God with the situation. Tom shared great faith stories and challenged the team to put their faith into action.

We went to barrio 3 today and were welcomed warmly by the residents. Our VBS went well and we had lots of kids, especially in the afternoon. Alysia, Robert, and Carmen were all able to meet their sponsored kids which was a joy. Robert was able to meet Sebastian’s family and go to his home which was special. In the afternoon the kids in the barrio danced for the gringos and you could obviously see that this is something they love participating in.

On the construction side, we sent out two different teams today. One team came to barrio 3 and had intense work today. The regular construction team had to pull some of the VBS team to move bricks. They formed an assembly line and passed bricks for approximately the length of two blocks. They thought they would be doing just construction and ended up doing hard labor! The team then put up two roofs and constructed a wall with the bricks.

The other team went back to Jaime and Patty’s barrio to begin construction on two homes for the moms of kids in the program. They dug and poured the foundation for the first home. The women were so gracious and excited to see the work that was accomplished today.

This evening the team enjoyed a relaxing evening at the hotel and a group went down by the beach to do some shopping.



Tuesday in Peru
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Here’s what Carmen writes today:

Today Tom shared in our family time about how we worship. We often think that worship is only what we do on Sunday mornings–in church. Tom encouraged the team to look beyond that common thought of worship and to see our lives and what we do each day as an act of worship. He challenged us to look for people who we came into contact with today as a person that God has designed for us to have a divine contact with. That we would be changed by that person as we are also changed by them.

Our VBS team had a full house–especially during the morning session. The barrio got special permission from the local school to let the kids have the day off to attend VBS. Can you imagine THAT happening in the U.S.??? The older kids loved a game where they wear hats and throw balls at each other–the balls stick to the velcro on the hats. They also had huge smiles and laughs as they raced in sacks. The little ones played with the parachute and loved placing stickers and glitter on a cross during crafts.

The construction team put on two roofs today. One home hadn’t had a roof (ever!) and the other had a roof that was in bad shape. This is Loys and Teresa’s barrio and is where the clinic was started. The team did a lot of hard labor today–mixing cement, digging trenches, and constructing footings for the foundation of another portion of the clinic. They poured cement into tall pillars, passing it in buckets to the top of ladder. Everyone worked incredibly hard to get as much done as possible. The clinic is really coming along and it’s great to see how much progress has been made on the clinic. Their anticipating the clinic to open this fall.

Dave Myers was able to meet his sponsored child, Jose. Dave brought some clothes from his own son (who’s the same age) to give to Jose. It was so sweet to see how excited Jose was to receive his new clothes. At the end of the day the kids gathered together to sing and dance for the gringos. The kids encouraged all of us to come up front and do the motions to “Every Move I Make” and everyone worked hard at keeping up with the kids as they showed us the motions–Peruvian style. Jon went the extra mile and continued to do motions for several other songs and then agreed to dance with one of the sponsored special needs kids.



Monday in Peru
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It looks like the team in Peru is having so much fun! Robert and I aren’t with them this year. I’m just posting the blog which is written by team member Carmen Kamrath and the pictures taken by Elizabeth Flynn. We wish we were there but are living it from afar along with all of you watching the website. Let’s keep this team in our prayers as they make a difference in the lives of these beautiful people living in the Trujillo barrios. Rachel Eggum Cinader

Here’s from Carmen:

It’s Monday–we started the day out with a great breakfast and some family time. Team members shared some of their experiences from Sunday and each person was visibly moved by the people and the need here in Trujillo. Tom reminded everyone that the majority of the world is living in difficult conditions and how blessed we are. What a privilege it is to be able travel with Hope 4 Kids to be a light to this community. Many team members have already pitched in financially to build two homes for two sponsored families. A two-room home here costs $500, a four-room is $1,000.

We had another great VBS in the barrio today. We set up in a barrio that H4K and Project New Hope has been involved in for about 4 months. It was great to see how excited the people in the barrio are about the ministry being done and they’re asking about how to get involved. Many of the moms are involved in Bible study and they’re learning about what it means to serve in their community. It’s neat to see so many moms helping serve food, tell stories, and teach music to the kids. We had a lot of small kids today and it was great to see the moms participate with their toddlers doing crafts, games, and the Bible story. The bigger kids had a lot of energy and once again loved all of the hugs and photos with the team.

The construction team had a very busy day, building three homes and one bathroom. Two of the homes constructed were those of kids involved in the program. Many homes don’t have bathrooms and the team moved quickly digging a deep hole for a family. This family has been very involved with Project New Hope. The mother in the home and her sister were up at 4am today making food for VBS! And the father in the family is working with Project New Hope in the business of breeding snails. Getting a bathroom today for this family was a highlight!

When we got back to the hotel we were able to relax a bit before enjoying another delicious meal. Some of the crazy teenage boys went swimming (it’s cold!) and others just relaxed and spent time talking and sharing stories.



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