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H4KI July/August 2012 Trip Begins
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It was a full day as team members arrived in Uganda.

Our ‘First Group’ spent the day visiting Vision Nursery School in Juba, where they had an amazing opportunity to meet their sponsored child as well as those children waiting for sponsorship. After Juba, a trip was made to Smile Africa where they helped feed the Karamojong kids; an experience like none other.

Our ‘Second Group’ drove to Jinja to see the source of the Nile! Make sure to check back for photos!!

The two groups became one as they met one another at the end of the afternoon. Together they toured the main campus of True Vine Team Ministry and played basketball with the children. Beautiful bonds are created as team members interact with the children. Some are meeting their sponsored child for the very first time. A very emotional as well as exciting time for bonding!! Others find children they can’t wait to make a difference in their life!! One thing that is known for sure, this experience brings great change, the question is always who is changed??? the African child or the American visitor???

An exciting trip awaits…. stay tuned for more pictures and updates as transformation is experienced in the lives of many on this trip like no other!!





Update from Audrey and Mae – April 17, 2012
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We are having a GREAT time. Every year seems more exciting and we want to thank everyone for your prayers. We are so busy. Hope you are checking out of the pictures (

The well dedication was so FUN!! We could have passed out more pillow case dresses. We loved all the girls dressed in pink and their smiling, happy faces!

From Audrey…
“One of the best parts of the trip was seeing my sponsored child, Allbo. She found me right away when we visited the True Vine campus. It brought tears to my eyes to see her and talk to her. She was so sweet. She asked about our family and still has the picture album I gave her two and half years ago.”

Mae still has her sponsored child and will see her on Thursday. Yesterday, Mae spent time with Richard who is attending bible college. He will graduate in May. He is a street minister when he has time. What a wonderful man he is coming.

Today (Tuesday, April 17), we are excited to visit Sabanga village. We will tell you more about when we return. We have a BIG surprise for Pastor Isiah.

Keeping praying for us!



April 14 and 15 – Water, Dresses, Widows and Church…..oh my!
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Here is a quick overview of what we have done for the last couple of days.

Saturday, April 14
We went to a well dedication. The well was dug by “Dress A Girl Around the World” which is sister organization to Hope 4 Women and Hope 4 Kids. We were greeted at the village by children singing songs. The dedication consisted of seeing the original water source, songs and dancing by the children, a short speech by Hope 4 Kids staff, caking cutting, the well dedication/prayer, handing out pillowcase dresses to little girls and treated mosquito nets to little boys. WOW! And that was only the morning.

After lunch at our hotel, we went to Smile Africa Ministries for a graduation ceremony widows who had been through a training program with Hope 4 Women. Here we arrived and over 400 women were singing and cheering as a greeting to our team. The graduation consisted of each graduate receiving a pink graduation cap, a purse with some gifts inside, local politicians speaking (this is important because it shows the impact Hope 4 people is making here. The politicians are taking notice!), a song by our team member Cindy Jarvis, more speeches, giving the graduates of the tailoring classes a new sewing machine, and giving the people in attendance a “bite and drink” (soda and donut).

Thank God the weather was great for both events.

Sunday, April 15
Our team split up for church. One group went to the church at True Vine Church and one group to the church at the village of Juba. African worship is a joyful, intense time where the people use their whole body to worship.

After lunch, we went out to see the Victory or Demonstration Gardens coordinated by Robert Cinader. These are in the same village we had the well dedication and are an experiment in making the local gardens more productive and growing some unique vegetables in Africa. The guys who had the gardens have been able to start growing their garden during a drought, due to using the water well run off and compost. The gardens were growing cucumbers, tomatoes, squash (zucchini and yellow), cilantro, collard greens, passion fruit and melons.
For dinner, the graduates from the Hope 4 Women graduation came to our hotel for a meal. Each table had 3 Ugandan widows and a Mzungu. It was fun and inspiring to hear the stories of the women who had nothing, but after the training provided by Hope 4 Women, they are able to provide a small income for their family.

Thank you friends and family for your support and prayers.



April 13, 2012 – Travel Day
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Yesterday, the team made it safely to Uganda. Today (Friday, April 13), we traveled from Entebbe to Tororo. It took us over 6 hours to make the drive.

The day’s highlights:

- Groups of people on the drive to celebrate our arrival in Arica. :) Actually they were there to see Ugandan dignatries.

- Chicken on a Stick

- Chapati

- Visiting True Vine Ministries

Tomorrow is the well dedication for Dress A Girl Around the World and a graduation ceremony for Hope 4 Women International.



Restoration in a Nutshell
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From:  Saturday, November 5th


To see the gospel come alive before your very eyes ~ incredible!!  The words of Jesus, ‘Truly, I say to you, as you did it to one of the least of these my brothers, you did it to me.‘  Every day has been spent in the joy of sharing Jesus’ love with his precious children!


Restoration can begin with the most meaningful connection ~ sponsoring a child.  Some team members have lovingly supported a child, providing life-saving items to sustain them, to educate them, to give them hope!!  This day, many team members got to meet their child for the very first time.   A momentous connection like none other was made while hugs and joyous laughter filled the air ~ indescribable, experiencing the beauty of looking into the eyes of love!!



These children who are sponsored are given life!  Yes life, physical life as in life-saving medicine, mosquito netting, food, and clothing.  Likewise, spiritual life, knowing God’s love through the redemptive work of Jesus changes their existence.  Because of caring sponsors, light has been brought into their darkness.


Restoration continued in the dedicated work of Wendy Stokes who developed a program for H4KI called Mission 4 Character designed around La Red Business Network.  Over 900 secondary kids from around the Tororo area as well as True Vine faculty were given the opportunity to learn 40 Biblically based principles that will help them in business, school and life in general.  The Chinese Proverb definitely comes into play… Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day.  Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.


What could be more restorative than life-saving water?  Without water, there is no life.  At Kijebero well dedication in Kapyanga we were led by the children to witness their previous water source.  Seeing first-hand what it was like for the villagers to drink before their new well was drilled was a heart-wrenching experience.  No one should be allowed to drink from such tainted water.  Thanks to hearts that are moved for change, this day the Pomerado Christian Church group and other team members joined in the dedication of their well.  We arrived to loud music playing on a sound system that could be heard for miles. Sadam the sub-county leader in the area, who is a great partner with Hope 4 Kids, met us for the dedication.  It’s always a joy to see Sam “the hygiene man” teaching the villagers how to keep healthy through hygiene and sanitation.


We blessed the well in Jesus name, opened it up for everyone to drink and officially turned over the well to the village of Kijebero.  Afterwards, the team helped deliver 50 mosquito nets to the village children in greatest need.


Once again, another amazing day spent being a part of Restoration for the Kingdom of God!



A Love that Shows
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From:  Friday, November 4th

Could our day be spent any better?  So much to see and do here in Uganda, while taking part in God’s beautiful Kingdom of Restoration.  We started our day with breakfast, followed by Family Time, a time to gather and hear words of inspiration.  Tom shared from his heart his deep passion to bring Jesus’ love in a very tangible way to those who are in such great need.  Speaking love and showing love are two very different facets.  Words without action have a way of leaving one empty and alone.  Actions speak louder than words; showing love through interactions brings great joy, not only to those we are serving, but also to God himself!!

So many opportunities awaited us.  Some chose the journey to Juba to visit Vision Nursery School where the children danced while filling the building, as well as our hearts, with their beautiful voices in song.  Some chose to Visit Smile Africa where we could not help but be touched by these precious children of Karamojong whose needs are greater than a heart can bear.

Excitement and joy was experienced at the well dedication in Kajarau.  It is a life-changing experience for these villagers to have clean, fresh and safe water to drink; it is truly a sight to behold.  Our wonderful friends from Loveland, CO had hosted “Walk 4 Water” last May raising the needed funds for this village well.

Before returning back to the Rock for some lunch, we gave 325 dresses to the girls and over one hundred shorts to the boys!  A grateful thanks to Carolyn for all her love-in-action-commitment to Dress a Girl Around the World’s passion of bringing dignity to these beautiful children.  Along with dresses and shorts, 50 life-saving mosquito nets were given to the children to be used in their family dwelling.

After lunch Elizabeth and a few team members visited the village of Seka.  It was a joyous occasion meeting the children.  Several in the team couldn’t leave without sponsoring some of these cherished children.

Rachel was excited to be hosting the Smile Africa/Kingdom Preparation Women’s Graduation at Smile Africa.  So enthusiastic for this event, she had beautiful pink graduation hats made with lavender tassels.  It was a very exciting day to see 19 women graduate after being in our Hope 4 Women International Sponsorship program for one year.  Testimonies were given as well as joyous singing and dancing in celebration of their great accomplishment!  How beautiful to end the celebration as team members were touched by witnessing these women’s success that they eagerly sponsored 13 new women.  Thirteen women who now have the opportunity to live a life of dignity, gaining the needed skills to provide for their children, through our empowerment programs!  Now that’s love!!!

In need of a few provisions as well as the desire to experience the flavor of this new culture we had immersed ourselves in, a visit to the town of Tororo was a must.  As we wandered through the market, our senses were greeted with an array of stimuli.  We were able to make purchases obtaining some needed supplies at the pharmacy and hardware stores, as well as taking care of some business at the foreign exchange office.

With great anticipation we can hardly wait to see what God will do tomorrow!!



Yea ~ Teams Arrive in Uganda!!
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A safe arrival has been made; both our teams have arrived safely in Entebbe, Uganda. Team members who arrived this afternoon headed straight to Tororo with Tom, checking into our beloved Rock Classic Hotel.

Those who arrived this evening went with Eric Sass to the Golf View Hotel, near the airport, where they will spend their first night.  After breakfast those who stayed in Entebbe will journey to Tororo, along the way stopping at Jinja to see the source of the Nile!  What an amazing opportunity to see the location where many Bible stories have taken place.  They will be arriving in Tororo around 4:00 pm where they will join those team members who arrived the previous evening.


Sleep well our friends!!




Mountains of the Moon
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August 5, 2011
by Jeff Rogers

We arrived safely in Fort Portal and are enjoying our new hotel…Mountains of the Moon. It has hot water!

Although this, too, is a poor part of Uganda, the area immediately surrounding the hotel area in Fort Portal is a bit more upscale. The hotel itself is probably five star for this area and a welcome change.

The grounds are very open and grassy. The lobby and restaurant are airy and there is nice outdoor patio areas for chillaxing.



Dinner is in an hour. Tomorrow we go on our safari excursion.


Cross Country Trek
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August 5, 2011
by Jeff Rogers

Our trek across the Ugandan countryside was a long but interesting drive. We passed through dozens of small towns along the way.

You know you are approaching a village by changes in the roadway. Each small town is bounded by speed humps. There are two sets of four tightly packed speed bumps to slow drivers down to about 50 km/h and then one bigger and wider speed hump which requires less than about 30 km/h or all the bus occupants go airborne. Our average travel speed in open spaces is about 90 km/h (about 55 mi/h).

The straight-line roads between towns are asphalt one lane in each direction. They drive on the left side of the road here (a British colonial influence) which means the driver in on the right side of the vehicle. The left lanes of the roads leaving Tororo are very potholed and bumpy because of the weight of the trucks that leave there full from the cement factory. The right side is less potholed since they return empty.


The towns are clusters of maybe twenty storefronts near the roadside. Typically there are shops for general supplies, food market, cell phone supplies, clothing, bicycle repair, a wood furniture maker, an iron works gate maker.


There is also typically a meat butchery where slabs of animals are hanging in the open doorway or on racks.


The wood maker is usually sawing logs and planing boards using hand tools. They typically have a range of wooden coffins leaning against the wall for sale, too.


The countryside is very green, in general. There are many scrub trees in all directions and the ground is carpeted with green grasses and small leafy plants. In larger open spaces there are field crops of rice, bananas, coffee, tea, papaya, and corn, primarily. There are other crops which I cannot identify.


In the field you will often see a few tall mounds of dirt maybe six feet tall or more. The dirt is freshly piled like someone just put it there. These are actually very large anthills with a very busy colony of ants inside. The people encourage these anthills as they consider the large ants a food delicacy. (Earlier in the week we were taught how, and offered a chance, to stir the nest by rubbing our thumb and fingers together…but we graciously declined).


On the roadside there sometimes people chopping the weeds using special machetes with a sharpened bend tip. Many bicycles and motorbikes can be seen hauling materials and water.

We saw several baboons along the roadside (a few times) during our trek today.


Our bus driver, Paul, uses his horn often and repeatedly to signal and warn people we are passing or coming through.


Packing for Fort Portal
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August 4, 2011
by Jeff Rogers

Tonight we pack up to leave Tororo. Tomorrow we head for Fort Portal at 7am. We have a ten hour bus ride from east to west across all of Uganda. Tom is hoping we will arrive in a record 9-1/2 hours, but we will see. Our goal is to arrive by 5pm so we can do a little shopping and have dinner there. Otherwise, it maybe chicken-on-a-stick from a roadside merchant.

It is raining some tonight as we head to bed. If the weather is still poor in the morning, it will take longer.

On Saturday we do our safari excursion. We’ll spend two nights in Fort Portal.

We think this may be our long awaited next hot shower…something we have not had since we’ve been here. No water pressure and only a dribble of warm water has been the norm…we get clean quickly.


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