H4KI July/August 2012 Trip Begins
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It was a full day as team members arrived in Uganda.

Our ‘First Group’ spent the day visiting Vision Nursery School in Juba, where they had an amazing opportunity to meet their sponsored child as well as those children waiting for sponsorship. After Juba, a trip was made to Smile Africa where they helped feed the Karamojong kids; an experience like none other.

Our ‘Second Group’ drove to Jinja to see the source of the Nile! Make sure to check back for photos!!

The two groups became one as they met one another at the end of the afternoon. Together they toured the main campus of True Vine Team Ministry and played basketball with the children. Beautiful bonds are created as team members interact with the children. Some are meeting their sponsored child for the very first time. A very emotional as well as exciting time for bonding!! Others find children they can’t wait to make a difference in their life!! One thing that is known for sure, this experience brings great change, the question is always who is changed??? the African child or the American visitor???

An exciting trip awaits…. stay tuned for more pictures and updates as transformation is experienced in the lives of many on this trip like no other!!





Update from Audrey and Mae – April 17, 2012
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We are having a GREAT time. Every year seems more exciting and we want to thank everyone for your prayers. We are so busy. Hope you are checking out of the pictures (http://www.h4ki.net/gallery).

The well dedication was so FUN!! We could have passed out more pillow case dresses. We loved all the girls dressed in pink and their smiling, happy faces!

From Audrey…
“One of the best parts of the trip was seeing my sponsored child, Allbo. She found me right away when we visited the True Vine campus. It brought tears to my eyes to see her and talk to her. She was so sweet. She asked about our family and still has the picture album I gave her two and half years ago.”

Mae still has her sponsored child and will see her on Thursday. Yesterday, Mae spent time with Richard who is attending bible college. He will graduate in May. He is a street minister when he has time. What a wonderful man he is coming.

Today (Tuesday, April 17), we are excited to visit Sabanga village. We will tell you more about when we return. We have a BIG surprise for Pastor Isiah.

Keeping praying for us!



April 14 and 15 – Water, Dresses, Widows and Church…..oh my!
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Here is a quick overview of what we have done for the last couple of days.

Saturday, April 14
We went to a well dedication. The well was dug by “Dress A Girl Around the World” which is sister organization to Hope 4 Women and Hope 4 Kids. We were greeted at the village by children singing songs. The dedication consisted of seeing the original water source, songs and dancing by the children, a short speech by Hope 4 Kids staff, caking cutting, the well dedication/prayer, handing out pillowcase dresses to little girls and treated mosquito nets to little boys. WOW! And that was only the morning.

After lunch at our hotel, we went to Smile Africa Ministries for a graduation ceremony widows who had been through a training program with Hope 4 Women. Here we arrived and over 400 women were singing and cheering as a greeting to our team. The graduation consisted of each graduate receiving a pink graduation cap, a purse with some gifts inside, local politicians speaking (this is important because it shows the impact Hope 4 people is making here. The politicians are taking notice!), a song by our team member Cindy Jarvis, more speeches, giving the graduates of the tailoring classes a new sewing machine, and giving the people in attendance a “bite and drink” (soda and donut).

Thank God the weather was great for both events.

Sunday, April 15
Our team split up for church. One group went to the church at True Vine Church and one group to the church at the village of Juba. African worship is a joyful, intense time where the people use their whole body to worship.

After lunch, we went out to see the Victory or Demonstration Gardens coordinated by Robert Cinader. These are in the same village we had the well dedication and are an experiment in making the local gardens more productive and growing some unique vegetables in Africa. The guys who had the gardens have been able to start growing their garden during a drought, due to using the water well run off and compost. The gardens were growing cucumbers, tomatoes, squash (zucchini and yellow), cilantro, collard greens, passion fruit and melons.
For dinner, the graduates from the Hope 4 Women graduation came to our hotel for a meal. Each table had 3 Ugandan widows and a Mzungu. It was fun and inspiring to hear the stories of the women who had nothing, but after the training provided by Hope 4 Women, they are able to provide a small income for their family.

Thank you friends and family for your support and prayers.



Two Teams Together
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What a special performance we were treated to on our second day in Uganda. Tom with Team #1 (27 people) were greeted by the beautiful children of Vision Nursery School in Juba, performing a special song and dance. Our hearts were filled with joy as we heard these precious children singing of God’s love.  We couldn’t help but be touched as we got a glimpse of Pastor Peter soaking up all the love and goodwill brought to his community from our team!


What a blessing to visit Pastor Ruth at Smile Africa where we had the privilege to feed the children of Karamojong. Nothing compares to holding a cherished child in your arms, knowing you have the opportunity of reflecting Jesus’ love to them.  Seeing their eyes wide open, and their hearts so full of love has a way of putting ones life in perspective. The kids at True Vine campus were especially lively as we got to trade-in our role as “grown-ups” and play with these beautiful children.


As Team #1’s day moved along, Eric with Team #2 (also 27 team members) started their morning drive from Entebbe to Tororor. A “pit-stop” was made along the way at the Source of the Nile River in Jinja.   What an experience taking a boat ride down one of the great rivers in the world. “Bucket List” item checked, now on to some shopping before continuing along our journey.


Around 4:00pm we arrived in Tororo excited to check-in to our new digs, Rock Classic Hotel. We soon joined  Team #1 and jumped right in the fun at True Vine Ministry, playing some basketball and volleyball while enjoying time spent with the kids. It was such a pleasure meeting with the ministry leaders and hearing all about the exciting things happening here at True Vine.


Talk about family dinner time, all 54 team member were able to gather together to share stories about their day, it was a beautiful nourishing of body and soul.  Many of our African friends visited us in the hotel, including Sadam, an LC3 Sub-Country leader of Kapyanga.


Looking forward to unpacking and settling in, we did get the customary welcome ~ our electricity going out a few times for a couple of hours.  And yes, the rain… oh the rain, sheets falling for hours with no sign of letting up!  Oh well, as they say TIA (This is Africa).  So much to be a part of here!!





Mountains of the Moon
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August 5, 2011
by Jeff Rogers

We arrived safely in Fort Portal and are enjoying our new hotel…Mountains of the Moon. It has hot water!

Although this, too, is a poor part of Uganda, the area immediately surrounding the hotel area in Fort Portal is a bit more upscale. The hotel itself is probably five star for this area and a welcome change.

The grounds are very open and grassy. The lobby and restaurant are airy and there is nice outdoor patio areas for chillaxing.



Dinner is in an hour. Tomorrow we go on our safari excursion.



What’s the 4 For?
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by Jeff Rogers

Our coordinating organization here in Uganda is Hope4Kids International. The “4″ in their title has a specific reason…it stands for the four hopes that they (and we, now, in Uganda) are trying to provide:

a sense of value where poverty or other circumstances has stripped it away

water, clothing, medicine, education, whatever is needed

moments of shared laughter and hope

personal actions that demonstrate genuine care; unconditional love through service



Bugs…..Not So Much
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August 2, 2011
by Jeff Rogers

Surprisingly, to me, I am not seeing the bugs I expected. We brought bottles of DEET insect repellant and have scarcely used it. I haven’t seen a mosquito, although I know they are around. They are just not pressing upon us.

There haven’t been any other nasty flying bugs or weird creepy crawlers. There was a tiny spider on the bus that surprised Alissa and caused a small scream…but nothing to write home about.

Maybe I am not being observant enough.

The only bug of notice so far was a large beetle on the footpath of the hike up the Rock. That was a good bug.


I’m on the lookout for more. I’ll try and get my thumb in the next photo, Anna.


Nile High Bungee
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August 2, 2011
by Jeff Rogers

This afternoon we split into two groups: the cautious and the fearless. The cautious ones took a leisurely bus drive to the source of the Nile river. This spot is where more than 4000 liters per second of water bubble up from the ground to feed the Nile River. Their trip included a little put-put boat ride and shopping. An “A” ticket attraction.

Eleven brave people also went to the Nile, but their intent was far more intense. They went bungee jumping over it! At the Nile High Bungee, they climbed stairs to a platform 145 ft above the water and leaped into thin air…connected only by bundles of rubber bands.


Three leaders from Hope4Kids joined the bungee jumpers in the plunge, including Elizabeth, Angie, and Andrew. By choice, most asked to come within a few feet of the Nile surface. A few chose a little more of a dunk finish. Alissa got the biggest drink. This was an “E” ticket attraction!




Feeding the Karamojong
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August 2, 2011
by Jeff Rogers

This morning we visited the Karamojong children to play, visit, and to serve them lunch.


These children, many orphans, are from an area with a reputation likened to biblical Samaria. They are looked down upon and often do not receive services that other areas get (even as little as that might be).Children here used to have to scrounge the trash heaps for food.

Here’s a picture of Pastor Mooney or that Pastor Bob mooning us? Actually, this is a baby whose mother died of AIDS and Pastor Ruth rescued. The baby fell asleep in his tender hold during his walkabout.


Smile Africa (partnered withHope4Kids and Walk4Water) has really stepped in to provide these children with water, food, education, and boarding rooms. In the few years of support the nutrition and health of the children has improved dramatically.

The children play hard and love when visitors come. They want to be held and cuddled.

After playing for a while, we helped the women in-charge to dish and serve the children their lunchtime meal. It was a special science-balanced bowl of rice with soy and vegetable, a small amount of meat, and a fruit banana.The children all washed their hands and said prayers together before they began eating.



We did a little shopping at the widow’s store here, too.


On Top of the Rock
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August 2, 2011
by Jeff Rogers

This morning some of us hiked to the top of the local “Rock.” We were on the bus at 7am just after sunrise.


We arrived at the base of the rock and Tom, our leader, had to present permission and slip the guards a few dollars to let us climb. The guards are there to protect the communications equipment at the top.


The hike is fairly steep as the hill around the rock is not very big in diameter. There are at least four sections where the ascent is by ladder only cemented into the rock. Everyone made it up and down the trail safely.


The view at the top was great! We could see into Kenya and the local surrounding area. A perspective of our ascent can be seen in the picture below. Look closely and you will see the small white rectangle in the middle of the picture is our bus.



Hope 4 Kids International is 501c3 faith-based non-profit committed to help children around the world that are suffering from extreme poverty through Dignity, Health, Joy & Love.


General Inquiries : info@hope4kidsinternational.org